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ShockFlo’s new S1 EV Home Charger Promises Safety, Speed, and Value

A new charger from ShockFlo has just been released with some novel features and a great price point.


Torque News continues to seek out the best EV chargers and other EVSE devices to help inform our readers. One that has caught our attention is the new ShockFlo S1 EV charger. This Level 2 home wall-mount charger is available in two versions, 40 amp, and 48 amp, and the price point is under $350! "In the evolving landscape of electric vehicle charging, ShockFlo's S1 EV Charger stands as a beacon of innovation. Melding unprecedented speed with utmost safety, we've bridged the gap between today's needs and tomorrow's possibilities. Whether you prioritize swiftness, security, or the sheer joy of intelligent technology, the S1 promises to supercharge your EV experience," said Jack Lee, founder of ShockFlo. 

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The ShockFlo S1 EV also offers some novel features we are very interested in trying. For example, an RFID card reader for security and a scheduling app. The S1 EV also offers no less than six different electrical protection features. They include:
-Ground Protection
-Overcharge Protection
-Overheat Protection
-Overcurrent Protection
-Overvoltage Protection
-Low Voltage Protection
-Leakage Protection
-Lightning Protection

The ShockFlo S1 EV from ShockFlo offers an IP65 enclosure, so it can be mounted in the elements. The company has tested and approved the S1 EV for use down to -22F and in temperatures as high as 122F. 

Both pigtailed and NEMA 14-50 plug end versions are available, and you can set the voltage of the 48-amp unit to work at lower current settings, including 16A, 24A, 32A, and 40A. The J-Plug’s cable is 17 feet long. This new charger can input as much as 44 miles of ranger per hour on the charger. 

Torque News is interested enough in this charger that we have requested a test unit for review from Check back for an update soon. 

Image of S1 EV courtesy of ShockFlo.

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