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See If Your Toyota Prius Is Part Of The Recent Airbag Recall

Toyota has been part of many recalls for loads of different things. Here is how you can find out if your Prius has any recalls that may be open on it.

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Toyota has issued yet another recall for vehicles that have been made in Japan and the United States. The airbags manufactured by Takata, have been problematic for over half a decade now. This is not the first time that Toyota has had a recall, and also not the first time it has affected multiple models. Here is what you can expect from the recent recall and how to check on your Prius

What A Recall Means For Toyota Prius

A recall that is issued by a manufacturer is to help prevent owners of their vehicles from potentially having a severe issue. This means that a component (in this case airbags) that is used across multiple vehicle platforms, that could cause a problem, must be replaced by the manufacturer for a new part, at no cost to the owner.

2007 Toyota Prius Red

The Toyota Prius has been part of several recalls over the years including inverter water pump, modification to the accelerator pedal, and a couple others. Owners of cars that have recalls usually get a certified letter in the mail from Toyota stating that there is an issue with their vehicle and to take it into the dealer immediately for repairs.

How Can You Find Out About Recalls On Your Prius

If you believe there is a recall on your Prius, you do not have to wait for a letter in the mail. You can Google Toyota recall, and navigate to where a VIN entry is required. Once you enter it, the database will pull up any existing or open vehicle recalls for your Prius, should there be any.

2019 Toyota Prius LE Interior

You can also call your dealer if you are concerned about a recall as well. The dealer has the ability to run the VIN of your vehicle as well. They can also take your car in if you are feeling unsafe in any way and looked it over.

What Toyota Vehicles Are Currently Affected By This New Announcement

The most recent recall notice that Toyota has put out is affecting 191,000 vehicles. The recall covers some 2003 through 2008 Corolla cars and 2005 through 2008 Matrix hatchbacks. So far no Prius vehicles are issued in this particular recall.

What Is This Recall For

Toyota is recalling 191,000 cars in North America and Japan because the airbags may not inflate properly in a crash. These are words directly from Toyota itself. If the airbags cannot inflate properly, they cannot protect adequately.

If you feel in anyway that your Prius is somehow in jeopardy, please contact your nearest Toyota dealer.


While this current recall is not one that Prius owners should be concerned about, it is always good to check and see if your Prius has any need for updates. Contacting the dealer and having them check it should not cost you a dime. Peace of mind is priceless and so is your safety. Do not take any chances.

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janine (not verified)    April 24, 2023 - 7:19PM

currently own probably the best Prius 2008 yet. Im reaching 200k miles and its still running excellent. One current issue my airbag light stays on, had it checked and the entire system (safety) airbags, shut down.
gettting it checked out