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Top Ten Toyota Prius Memes To Give Your Holiday Some Cheer

Sometimes we all need a laugh, here is a compilation of my 10 favorite Toyota Prius memes.


Love it or hate it; the Toyota Prius is here to stay. I have owned and still do own several hybrid cars, including Prius. I wanted to put together something for my readers to have a laugh at and help us all celebrate the fact we are all different.

Here are my favorite top 10 Toyota Prius memes that I have put together just for you. Take a look

Prius Meme 1: Engine Boost
This one is a favorite of mine. It like when you mash the accelerator pedal and the engine kicks on, oh yeah nothing quite like going from 5 miles per hour to 15 in 10 seconds. Serious boost for sure.

your toyota prius has serious boost

That is a bit of an exaggeration, but come on if we are being realistic here, Prius is not that fast.

Prius Meme 2: Safest Prius
This one is great. I think that it is even funnier that people think a Prius is not fast. Prius drivers are usually going a bit slower to ramp up the miles per gallon.

toyota prius is one of the safest cars on the planetThe Toyota Prius is a very safe car, though, and safety, my friends, is no laughing matter.

Prius Meme 3: Electric Slide
There are a few people out there who are doing autocross in their Prius. To that I say, you people rock. This meme made me think if a Prius could drift, would it be called the electric slide?

toyota prius drifting called the electric slide

Either way, this is a great one to laugh over. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Prius Meme 4: The Bumper Sticker Prius
This one is laughable for several reasons. First, I live in Washington state, just not in Seattle. I do frequently travel over there, though. I can say this meme is very accurate. Second, everyone has seen at least one Prius with what looks like, a million stickers plastered all over it.

classic bumper sticker tree hugger toyota prius in seattle

Thank you to all those Prius drivers who are not afraid to show who they are on the bumper of their car. We all needed a laugh today, and yes, we are laughing with you.

Prius Meme 5: The Modded Prius
There is nothing wrong with modifying your car, even if it is a Prius. Car modifications have been around since the dawn of cars. I think this Prius paint job takes the cake.

toyota prius cool mods

If you need some help modifying your Prius, take a look at this article here on a couple of neat Prius mods you can do.

Prius Meme 6: The Office
This one slays me. Mainly I think because the ignorance factor is about a level 10. Anyone who owns a Prius knows that these cars are amazing. The fact that people even consider them to be a terrible car is just odd to me.

the office toyota prius

I think that guy needed to be commended. In my company, the Prius is our corporate car. It saves us loads of money. Not everyone loves the car, though, which is a real shame.

Prius Meme 7: The Ninja
I like this one because it is true. I remember when Prius came out, and people went berserk when it was silent while driving on battery alone.

the ultra quiet toyota prius ninja

The silent EV mode is one of my favorite features of Prius. This meme, to me, is just a total winner.

Prius Meme 8: Board To Death
Okay, this one is my favorite for sure. I had seen it somewhere once before but could not find it again, so I made one. It makes me think of all the other people that are complaining about filing up three times a week and getting 15 miles per gallon. Meanwhile.

toyota prius board to death waiting for gas to run out

This meme is only one that real Toyota Prius owners will appreciate, I feel. It is glorious, though.

Prius Meme 9: The Classic Stereotype
Gen one Prius left a sour taste in the mouths of many car guys. It is a slower car, yes, but subsequent generations have overcome that stigma.

toyota prius stereotype as slow

Prius is not the fastest car out there, but it certainly is not the slowest either. Nevertheless, memes such as these still exist because a regular car driver got behind a hypermiler driver. It happens, but long live Prius!

Prius Meme 10: Self Loathing
There are some Toyota Prius drivers, like me, that own the fact we drive one. This driver does that. Look, there is nothing wrong with driving a Prius. It may be ugly to some, slow to others, but it is a practical and affordable car that hardly breaks down.

Toyota Prius meme self loathing

If you have been holding off on getting a Prius, take it from a guy who used to hate them. Wait no longer. You will be glad you got one the first time you fill-up. That $30 ever couple weeks is tough, let me tell you.

Thank you for reading. I sure appreciate you for all the support you have given me in reading my content. If you have a cool Prius meme drop it to me on Twitter. See you in my next story. As Predicted Toyota is recalling 2019 Prius for instrument cluster blackout.

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Peter Neilson is an automotive consultant specializing in electric cars and hybrid battery technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Service Technology from Weber State University. Peter is also an Instructor of Automotive Technology at Columbia Basin College. Peter can be reached on Linkedin and you can tweet him at The_hybrid_guy on Twitter. Find his page on Facebook at Certified Auto Consulting


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