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Save Thousands On A New Toyota Prius By Doing This Search

Looking for a new Prius but without the initial depreciation? Take a look at how you can score big right now in your local area.


Talk about a crazy time in our lives. Everything we once knew has been turned upside down. Even during this strange time, there are still things you can score on, like a new Prius. Take a quick look at what I found by doing a Google search.

Save Thousands On A New Prius
I was sitting here this morning thinking about getting a Gen 4 Prius for myself but did not know where to look. I thought for a second, then typed in these words into my browser "enterprise car sales Prius." What I found was somewhat surprising.

Up popped a search for cars that Enterprise Rental agency has on sale. There were four Generation 4 Prius that came up in my search. One had 54,000 miles, another had 29,000 miles, and the other two were 10,000 or less.

2020 Prius AWD-e Silver Side Shot I was stunned that these cars had so few miles on them. I then compared the current prices on the Enterprise site to new prices. The newest one that Enterprise offered was a 2019 LE with 8,000 miles. The price was $21,000, which is about $3,000 less than the car was fresh off the lot.

While this does not seem like a big deal, it kind of is. That is essentially a brand new Prius that has hardly been driven if I were looking for a new Prius that is where I would head first.

Other Places To Find Deals
Another search led me to Avis car sales. They have an inventory of 10 Prius that are all at least $4,000 less than new, and all of them have less than 30,000 miles on them.

The trims are LE, which does not give you all the bells and whistles that you may want, but it does get you one heck of a deal. All the cars are still under factory warranty as well.

Now is a great time to buy from one of these places I have mentioned. These agencies need the money to stay in business, and liquidating their inventory is going to be one way they stay afloat.

For me, as soon as I am ready to pull that trigger, I will have a car delivered to my door for thousands less than new.

Have you found a deal somewhere that we should know about? Let the community know here so we can help people get into the Prius that is right for them.

Until tomorrow, have a great day. What Are Permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes in Your 2010-Current Toyota Prius?

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