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New Toyota Prius Is Coming, With Some Wild New Tech

Rumors are of course circulating if there will be a next generation Toyota Prius. Toyota is stating there will be one in 2023. Here is what we know.

Dive into the future 2023; what is on your mind when it comes to transportation? If you are thinking of the latest Tesla, great. Tesla is not the only one who is going to share the limelight, though. What about Toyota and an all-new Prius?

As corny as that may sound, Toyota has a plan to put together a wild new Corolla and Prius platform that is certainly set to wow the new owners. Here is what we know about a 5th Generation Prius.

A 5th Generation Prius? What Does It Do?
The famed 1.8-liter gasoline-hybrid Toyota will also add a hydrogen-powered PHEV version to the vehicle lineup in 2023. This is a monumental occasion as it is the first time Toyota has ever blended technology like this together.

5th Generation Toyota Prius coming 2023

The platform is also rumored to be a plug-in and introduce us into solid-state battery technology along with the infamous (for better or worse) Mirai hydrogen fuel cell technology.

What Does This Mean For Prius Owners?
Not much will likely change for Toyota Prius owners who are looking to upgrade into a new version of their current typical hybrid. However, suppose you are a Prius owner and want to experience more of Toyota's technology. In that case, this may be the car for you.

What Is Toyota Trying To Accomplish?
Toyota is aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral goal by 2050 while continuing to improve fuel economy. Toyota is also seeking to prove the viability of hydrogen cars.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car

Other Things To Mention
The Mirai uses a fuel cell stack and a chemical reaction to make electricity. That electricity then can run the vehicle and power the electric motors.

Toyota says that it will use hydrogen in place of gasoline and power an internal combustion engine. This action will result in far cleaner tailpipe emissions.

I am a massive supporter of hydrogen technology. I feel that next to batteries, it is a hope for a cleaner future. I feel hesitant that we are at a point where we can sustain this technology, though, especially with all the fueling stations that are constantly offline or non-existent.

2023 is a lofty goal for Toyota, but I think they can pull it off. What do you think? Are we ready to take on a new Prius in 2 years?

That is all for today. Remember, Todays Adventure is Tomorrows Story. Take a look at what Prius to avoid buying.

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Hydrogen is dead. Give it up and move along Toyota!