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Covid-19 Frontline Doctor And Nurse Get Prius Catalytic Converter Stolen While On The Job

The Coronavirus is bad enough, and now our frontline medical staff has their Prius' targeted. Here is what Cat Security is doing to help medical staff at a Kaiser facility that is fighting for the lives of others.

If you have not seen the news lately, the whole world is fighting to keep the Coronavirus at bay. Medical staff is working around the clock, putting themselves at very high risk. There are shortages of medical equipment such as facemasks for nurses and doctors, and even big car companies are pitching in to make ventilators for people. We are living in a crazy time for sure.

What is unfortunate is when the hard-working medical staff has something terrible happen to them. Here is the story of what went down to a doctor and nurse who both drive a Toyota Prius.

Catalytic Converter Thieves Strike The Medical Community
After an incredibly hard shift at the hospital, a Doctor and Nurse were walking to their beloved Toyota Prius. They got in their cars only to hear the sound of that no Prius owner ever needs, the stolen cat converter.

Cat converter thieves steal Prius converter on doctors car

The loud noise of the missing cat converters buzzed in their heads as confusion swept over them to what was happening. Imagine for a moment you had been up all night working to care for others, and all you want to do is go home and get some rest. Now instead of rest, worry about getting your Prius repaired because of some low life scum bag.

No one should have to worry about their car when they are working, especially right now with the Coronavirus epidemic that we are facing. The Kaiser Permanente doctor knew that something had to be done to keep him safe. It was then he began to look for a solution to help keep his Prius safe. That solution was Cat Security™.

Cat Security™ Installs Catalytic Converter Protection Shield At No Cost
Cat Security™ started taking care of Prius owners to fight another epidemic, catalytic converter theft. They have been a company with integrity that has cared about stopping the theft and also preventing it.

Kaiser Permanente Doctor Receives Cat Security Shield For His Toyota Prius

Cat Security™ has only cared about the consumer and making sure that no one has to fork out thousands of dollars to fix their Prius that was not broken. They know from dealing with other customers before COVID-19 hit that this kind of repair bill can cripple a person financially. That is the last thing we need right now in this country.

The doctor and nurse both who have been working tirelessly to take care of COVID-19 patients are getting Cat Security™ shields for their Prius' now, and the company has offered to get them installed at no cost to these modern heroes.

Cat Security™ was made for this, helping people keep their cars protected

What a great support system Cat Security™ has in place to help in a time like this. I hope that we can spread the message and show our support to a company with such great integrity.

I hope that you all are healthy and safe. Keep practicing social distancing. If you have any questions on Cat Security™ feel you can learn more at

I look forward to seeing you in the next story. Read This Before Buying A New 12V Battery For Your Toyota Prius.

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Priscilla Teeters (not verified)    January 12, 2021 - 12:08PM

Hi I was also a victim of catalytic converter theft and still paying on my car and on a fixed Income is thier any help I can get to protect my next one