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The Effect Corona Virus Could Have On Your 2004-2015 Toyota Prius

This Coronavirus thing is getting out of hand and quickly. With so many people on high alert, here are some other things to think about when it comes to your Prius' safety as well.

When I hear the word epidemic now, it has a whole new meaning. The seriousness of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 (whatever you want to call it) has been wreaking havoc on just about everything in our world around us.

Shortages of toilet paper and all things disinfectant have probably caused more panic than the actual virus itself. Whatever, this is not the main reason for this article; it is, however, based around it. I want to bring to light something that I hope all Prius owners can be aware of when staying home and letting your car be exposed. It is still a hot topic, and that is catalytic converter theft.

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Here is how I think the Coronavirus will have an impact on Prius owners and also repair facilities as well during this time.

How Prius Owners Will Be Effected
Look, if there were zombies outside wanting to eat my brains, I am certain that I would not go stomping into a heard of mindless flesh-eating humans. The same can be said of the Coronavirus as well. I am not one to put myself at risk unless I absolutely have to, and in all honesty, you should not either.

Protect your Prius catalytic converter from theft with cat security

Staying at home has a risk, though, for your Prius. Think about it. A thief is a thief virus or no virus. That means if you have been a target for your catalytic converter to get stolen, this could be the time when they strike. They have been watching and waiting for the opportune moment.

If your Prius has been sitting for a week or longer on end, you could have added a lot more risk than you realize. Keep this in mind if you are going to be on quarantine.

How Prius Repair Facilities Will Be Impacted
In speaking with some shop owners, many have said that repair sales are down. Shop owners have reported that customers are calling an canceling their service appointments to keep safe from the spread of the virus. It means serious damage to bottom-line sales for repair and service work in these shops.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Repair Facilities Will Be Impacted By Corona Virus

Furthermore, once the virus threat becomes lifted, repair shops are going to be overwhelmed with work. Now is an excellent time to get all those needed repairs done as well as protecting your cat converter too. The last thing I would want is a $3000 bill for a stolen cat just because my Prius was sitting out doing nothing while I was in quarantine.

Going out in public now could keep you from spending a few thousand later in unnecessary repairs and insurance hassle. Also, imagine if you needed to go somewhere, and you start your Prius, and it has become inoperable due to the stolen cat converter. Now you have put yourself at more risk by calling a friend or Lyft and do not know how cautious they are about the virus.

Right now may seem like a time of panic, but honestly, I think this is a great time to protect yourself but also protect your Prius from the threat of catalytic converter theft. Support your local shop by giving them your business during this recession time and also help the economy. Also, protect yourself from a potentially huge bill.

Cat Security protection is the Prius' best defense against Corona Virus

Thank you for reading. The owners of Cat Security™ have reached out to me. They said until this virus has begun to stop, every online order will receive free shipping and $20 off with promo code Peter20. Take full advantage of this it is over $50 off retail. The offer will stand to all Prius owners who need the added security during this hard time.

Stay safe, everyone, and thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you in the next story. 3 Prius Projects To Keep You Busy While In Quarantine.

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