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Cat Security Reveals Catalytic Converter Protection For Generation 4 Toyota Prius

Cat Security™, the Toyota Prius' best friend now covers Gen 4 Prius. Even better, there is a special promotion during the Coronavirus to help owners stay protected.

This Coronavirus has been a massive issue for many people around the globe. The pandemic has put all of us on a severe alert to be aware of where we need to go.

One thing that has not stopped, though, is catalytic converter theft. Even though scrap prices are not as high today as they were two months ago, the demand has been rising rapidly.

Cat Security™ has made a massive announcement that they want all Prius owners to know. Take a look and see what they have done to help protect your Prius during this crazy time.

Generation 4 Toyota Prius Cat Converter Shield Is Launched
The long-awaited 4th generation Toyota Prius shield is now available, and it is flying off the shelves. Prius generation 2 and 3 are hot targets already, and thieves will get your Gen 4.

Cat Security Gen 4 Prius is now launchedCat Security™ came from the exhaust portion of the automotive industry. Knowing this part of the industry helped them understand why the Coronavirus is not the only epidemic that is happening right now. That is why they have been pushing like crazy to get generation 4 Prius shields to market. To them, it is all about flattening the curve.

Cat Security™ For All Prius Owners
Cat Security™ is a company that wants every Prius owner to feel safe when their car is parked outside. They know that during this time where more people are home, cars can become targets. With this understanding in mind, they have put together promotion deals for Gen 4 Prius and also a heavy discount for Gen 2 and 3.

2004-2020 Toyota Prius Cat Security Anti-theft shields

Gen 4 Cat Security™ is on sale right now during the launch for $150, with free shipping. All orders processed before noon are shipped the same day (excluding weekends) The deal also goes for Gen 2 and 3. The owners of Cat Security™ want every Prius owner who buys one to know that they will continue to keep this promotion going through the COVID-19 quarantine.

If you have not laid your hands on a Cat Security™ for your Prius, now is the time. Prices will go back up once the world calms down from the virus. No promo code required to get a deal on Gen2, Gen3, and now the Gen4 shields. They are already at their discounted rate for the time being at

Thank you for reading, stay safe out there, and get protected. I look forward to seeing you in the next story. COVID-19 Frontline Doctor And Nurse Get Prius Catalytic Converter Stolen While On The Job.

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