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Toyota Prius Catalytc Converter Thieves Get Caught In Portland

While I am sure there are many more than just these two Toyota Prius catalytic converter thieves getting caught, here is what went down on these cat burglars.


Toyota Prius has been a prime target for catalytic converter theft. The problem, which is amounting to millions of dollars a month is finally catching the attention of law enforcement.

Atomic Auto Cat Security

The converter theft in California has been so crazy that a Cap City Muffler made a protective shield called Cat Security™ to deter these low life criminals. Even though hundreds of guards are being installed every week, theft is still on the rise. It is so bad that on the west coast, it is spreading very quickly into larger cities such as Portland, Oregon.

Auto Dealer Security Camera Catches Crime In Action
Auto dealers and repair shops have been on point with watching out for these criminals, and one night it finally paid off. Alpine Motors in Portland was the dealer who caught two of the thieves trying to steal a converter off of a Honda CR-V that is slated to be sold on their car lot.

Alpine Motors Portland Oregon Catches Catalytic Converter Thieves

After a chase and getting the police involved, two thieves were brought in. The car that was pulled over had only one cat converter, but the thieves had all the proper equipment to make the job fast and get out quickly.

Portland Auto Shop Takes A Stand
Atomic Auto in Portland has been working with Cat Security™ Shield and installing them on every Prius they can get their hands on. The shield is a great theft deterrent, and it saves Prius owners thousands of dollars from potential theft.

Atomic Auto Installing Cat Security

This shop, along with a plethora of others have joined the fight to stop this epidemic that is starting to be more known worldwide.

If you have been a victim of catalytic converter theft, we would love to hear about it. Please drop me a line and tell me your story. I have been working closely with Cat Security™ to help inform every Prius owner possible to help make sure they are safe and secure.

Please take the time to share this message and also get the word out about catalytic converter theft. It needs to be stopped.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you in my next story. 3 Trouble Codes Not To Worry About On Your Toyota Prius

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