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San Francisco Toyota Joins The Fight To Protect Prius Drivers From Catalytic Converter Theft

Toyota of San Fransisco has decided to take a stand against catalytic converter theft. They are working with a company named Cap City Muffler. Together they plan to keep the Prius crowd safe by using this new product, Cat Security.

Think of this. You just sat down to a nice Thanksgiving dinner. You are with your friends or family having a great time. You hear your car alarm going off, but think nothing of it. Later you jump in your Prius to drive home, and you hear it, the noise no Prius owner wants to hear. The sound of the missing catalytic converter.

Catalytic converter theft seems to be everywhere these days. In California, where the highest concentration of Prius owners reside, theft is the most rampant. A company called Cap City Muffler developed a protective shield called Cat Security that is telling thieves to take a hike.

The protective shield fits perfectly on the underside of your Prius. It makes it incredibly time-consuming for the robbers to cut the converters out. It is thus deterring them.

Toyota Prius with Cat Security Shield Installed

When the inventors of Cat Security went to San Fransisco Toyota, the director, instantly saw the value of this product. No dealer knows the magnitude of cat theft more than San Fransisco Toyota. Here is what Paul Medina, the director of operations, has to say about Cat Security.

San Fransisco Toyota Now Carries Cat Security

I personally asked Paul what made them want to carry the device. He told me that once they saw how Cat Security could keep thieves at bay, it made perfect sense. They knew it needed to be in their showroom where all their Prius owners could see it.

san fransisco toyota front of dealership with toyota vehiclesThis Toyota dealer knows how expensive it can be for a Prius owner to replace the catalytic converter — ranging anywhere from $2500 up to $5000. Spending that amount can cause people to sell off their Prius because they cannot afford to pay the price to fix it.

Even with some insurance deductibles, it still can cost around $500 if your insurance company will cover it.

How Much Does A Cat Security Plate Cost For My Prius

San Fransisco Toyota can get one of these impressive Cat Security Shields on your Prius for $389 plus tax. That is even cheaper than some insurance deductibles.

How Long Does It Take To Install One On My Prius
The best part about this is you can get same day service. It used to be that you would have to drop your Prius off and be down from 3 to 5 days. The time, of course, was dependant on how busy the service department was and if the converter was in stock.

Line of Prius that need cat converters replaced at Cap City Muffler

Now you can get in and out of either location in just one hour. Pretty neat, if I do say so. Now you can get back to doing what you want and not have to worry about your Prius getting robbed.

This Is How To Schedule Your Appointment

Now that you are interested in Cat Security, here is how you can get one on your Prius.

You can set a service appointment by visiting the San Fransisco Toyota website, or by calling them at 415-592-0889

Not in the bay area? Check the distributor list online here at Cap City Muffler. You can also purchase online through the website as well.


One more thing to remember here. With the holidays coming up and people leaving town, this is the perfect time for thieves to target your Prius. Be darn sure you are not a victim of these "cat burglars" stealing your Toyota Prius converter and ruining your holiday season.

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