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Why You Should Add Accessories, Including for 2020 Toyota Tacoma, at Time You Buy Your Vehicle

Learn about several benefits to purchasing additional accessories for your new vehicle, including a 2020 Toyota Tacoma, from your dealership at the time of purchase.


Vehicle customization is big business. In fact, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Many new owners are incredibly passionate about adding parts and accessories that protect, improve performance, make look better or sharper, and add value. According to Insignia Group CEO David Stringer “people add over $40 billion dollars in accessories” to their rides each year.

Insignia Group helps dealerships merchandize accessories both during the vehicle sale and at future service appointments. “Our whole focus is to help customers personalize their vehicles when they are at the dealership,” points out David.

David recently taught me a wealth of information about vehicle customization, including for the 2020 Toyota Tacoma, earlier this week. I picked this model specifically because I am a big Toyota fan, and especially a fan of the newly-refreshed Tacoma. Of course the Toyota Tundra, 4Runner, Camry and RAV4 are also big for accessories.

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David had some valuable tips for new car, truck and SUV purchasers. One thing I learned was there are many benefits to car buyers for adding in accessories at the time they purchase their new vehicles.

Why accessories are so popular

According to Mr. Stringer, “A lot of the accessories that are sold are specific to some function and come from the activity of the buyer.”

“Everything we buy we want it to be personalized to us. We want it to be ours. You don’t want that same Toyota Tacoma that’s black and looks like every other black Tacoma that’s out there. You want to make it stand out.”

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Some of the most popular installed Tacoma accessories are running boards and step bars, all-weather mats, heated leather seats, new wheels with more aggressive tires and lift kits.

Benefits to adding accessories at time of purchase

As opposed to buying accessories days or months after you make your initial vehicle purchase, David Stringer suggests new owners work with their dealership to add them in while they are buying their new cars, trucks and SUVs. The benefits for doing this are plentiful.

First off, you can purchase your new accessories while you are purchasing the new vehicle all in one place. This makes it very convenient to personalize your ride.

“These are accessories that have been designed specifically for your vehicle so they fit great and they finish off the vehicle.” David adds in another benefit to new buyers.

Also, in many cases you can finance these accessories in with the purchase of your new vehicle. In addition, buyers can often gain tax savings as these parts are taxed at the same rate as a new vehicle instead of a higher rate if they are bought after the fact.

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Warranty is one factor I had not thought of until David brought it up. “Any accessory that you have purchased when you purchase your vehicle goes to the same warranty.” In the case of a 2020 Tacoma or any other new Toyota, this factory warranty is 3 years / 36,000 miles. A traditional accessory warranty on its own is typically 12 months / 12,000 miles.

Time for your thoughts on customization

Have you purchased accessories for your car or SUV or truck in the past and what did you get? What was the best one you ever decided to add?

Also, what is the one accessory you would most like to add to the next vehicle you buy? You can check some cool Toyota Tacoma accessories and parts at

Here is a list of the most popular Toyota Tacoma Accessories

  • Dash Kits.
  • Floor Mats.
  • Seat Covers.
  • Steering Wheels.
  • Sun Shades.
  • Custom Gauges.
  • Seats.
  • Dash Covers.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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