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How Long Will You Wait to Buy Toyota RAV4 Prime? Ask These Owners

You will not believe these RAV4 Prime wait times. New owners share their purchase stories.


One of the hottest new vehicles on the market is Toyota RAV4 Prime. Since its launch a year ago, buyers have been searching far and wide trying to get their hands on one.

As you will see below, the wait times from the day perspective buyers agree to purchase one until the time they take delivery varies by a wide margin. Some get really lucky. Others have had to wait considerable amounts of time.

Many are still waiting. Hoping.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Features

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Supersonic Red profile view and back end

What is with all the hype anyway? Why such a high demand for RAV4 Prime?

Well, this is billed as the fastest and most powerful Toyota RAV4 of all time. With the combination of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and electric motor power, you can expect 302 horsepower and a 0-60 time of just 5.7 seconds.

RAV4 Prime is not only the fastest RAV4 ever, but one of the fastest Toyota models on the market.

But it is the fuel efficiency that may be the main draw here. Drivers can travel up to 42 miles on one single electric charge. Posted window sticker fuel economy is 94MPGe.

With power and beautiful styling, combined with terrific mpg, you can see why people are willing to wait for one.

So, just how long IS the wait?

People Comment on RAV4 Prime

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE Supersonic Red profile view and front end

I asked members to the Facebook forum “Official Toyota Rav4 Prime Group” to share their stories about how long it took to get their RAV4 Prime.

Jeremy shared. “Ordered Dec 2020, arrived July 2021, upstate NY, paid MSRP.”

“6 months, factory order 03/2020, Finland.” Nice to know RAV4 Prime is offered in Finland. Congrats on your new car Janne.

“Ordered July 2021. Delivered August 2021. Connecticut USA.” Offered Harriet.

Ryan has been waiting a year so far. “Nova Scotia. Ordered March 30, 2021. Has not yet arrived, dealer expects in next 2-3 months.”

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“Joined waitlists on Mar 3, estimated dates varied from 6 months to 3 years. I'm in Boulder, Colorado, and called every dealership in the state.” Good luck on finding yours Sophie.

Michelle has a different story to tell. “No wait...wasn't even looking. I was at the dealer getting my 2018 Rav4 Adventure's oil changed. The dealer came up to me extra excited to tell me about the Prime (Which I had not heard of). One was just brought mistake. I looked at it, drove it, and still wasn't sure. The people started circling the Prime like it was a movie star. Lol. I told the salesman to get those people away from my new car and I bought it. I knew it must be an awesome vehicle from people’s reactions and I was right. I love my Prime. Bought July in south central Texas and have yet to see another one.”

“In Minneapolis. Deposit on June 24, 2021. Car arrived in Buffalo on 7/6.” Randy was willing to travel for his new ride.

Kelcie added. “Placed an order last week, dealer telling me possibly end of the year. In Hawaii.”

“Ordered July 2, 2020. Still waiting, might get it later this year if I’m lucky. Waterloo, Ontario Canada.” Hoped Ted.

Kyle shared. “October 2021. On a Saturday, we emailed all DC area dealerships in VA & MD within 1.5 hours of downtown. Received an immediate response that evening stating an SE would arrive on Monday. After some back and forth, ended up at MSRP. Picked it up that Monday night and drove right home. Way quicker than we expected!”

More Toyota RAV4 Prime Stories

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Supersonic Red profile view and front end

Karen told her RAV4 Prime buying experience. “First ordered locally in Michigan in July 2020. Order canceled in Sept 2020 after I was told Michigan wouldn't be getting any. Placed an order again in Sept 2020 but in upstate NY. Got my prime in July 2021. I was originally told Feb 2021 for timing.”

Joe had quite the time buying his. “I have a good story. I live a quarter mile from Star Toyota of Bayside, NY and was skeptical. I put a deposit in December, 2020 and in March got the good news that my Blizzard Pearl XSE PP (Premium Package) was en route. A buddy said NO! You MUST get the same in Supersonic so I told the dealer I didn't want the original, please order me the red. He came through. I got a build date of May and delivery on June 28, just 2 days before the expiration of the $1700 NY tax credit. So, in 6 months I got 2 back-to-back orders in NYC.”

“I purchased mine off the showroom floor. It was only there for 3 hours. My salesperson said that most are purchased before they even are allocated but mine made it all the way to the dealership before being purchased.” I am starting to feel like you won the lottery Benny.

“California: put deposit down Dec 2021. Straight MSRP. Told it would be 6-8 months. Fingers crossed.” We have our collective fingers crossed for you Aaron.

Sam got lucky too. “Deposit paid July 2021, received Jan 2022 (a wait of 6 months, 10 days). I'm in northeast Illinois & I purchased it from my local dealer (that is allotted 1 per year, I was first on the list). It's an XSE (not PP – Premium Package).”

“I live in Charlotte, NC. Was visiting my parents in upstate NY for thanksgiving 2021, the car arrived mid December and I picked it up my rav4 prime xse with premium and weather package before Christmas.” Awesome story Rebecca.

“Live in Idaho. Traveled to Gresham, Oregon to get mine…got my name on one in August 2021 picked up October 2021..felt like I won the lottery.” You did Sandy. You did.

Time for Your Toyota RAV4 Prime Comments

I am so sorry I could not post all the comments. There were over 100 to choose from. It is fascinating to see the different time frames and locations people chose to buy from.

Do you have a story to share? I would love to hear. Are you interested in RAV4 Prime, and if so, what process will you try to get one?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss the 2022 Tundra SR version and we see if it is worth it.

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John Goreham    March 9, 2022 - 12:04PM

I was glad your story highlighted that many owners had very short waits, and some had none. The RAV4 Prime's wait times in America don't seem any longer than many other popular green vehicles. The base Model Y presently has a nine-month delivery date. Let's just hope the R4P continues its price-segment-leading pace of deliveries.

Randy (not verified)    March 12, 2022 - 6:42AM

I think you should discuss how some dealers get lots of vehicles while others barely any and how ZEV states trump the other 40 or so states. My guess is people who end up with extra long waits are buying from non ZEV or dealers with low prime allocations.

Scott (not verified)    March 13, 2022 - 9:26PM

I called the local Toyota Dealer in Torrance CA, South Bay Toyota, NOT a the other one.. and had Mine in less than a week. Used my AAA member discount of 20% on added goodies (get stuff for the markup of $3000) and was In my car that day. LOVE the flexibility with 3 kids. And it MOVES in EV only!!

Jeff D Fulton (not verified)    April 18, 2022 - 4:27PM

In reply to by Scott (not verified)

Scott, I looked Torrance a few months back. Is there a large Dealer Markup Over Sticker?
What were you able to use the AAA discount for? This sounds interesting.

Susan (not verified)    October 8, 2022 - 9:18PM

The wait times for Rav 4 Prime 2022 are long too. Ordered/deposit Nov 2021 and received car May 2022 …. LOVE the car and worth the wait!!