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Big Changes - 2023 Toyota Highlander Gets New Multimedia and Displays

Plenty of technology and capabilities with the new 2023 Toyota Highlander multimedia system. Here is how to get it.


People looking to buy a 2023 Highlander can look forward to quite a few updates designed to improve performance, comfort, and convenience.

One of these upgrades is the addition of the brand-new Toyota Audio Multimedia system.

2023 Toyota Highlander Multimedia
2023 Toyota Highlander Limited Cypress Green profile front end

Many popular Toyota models are adding Toyota Audio Multimedia for 2023. The first vehicle to get this was 2022 Tundra, and others are now following suit.

Including 2023 Toyota Highlander.

Look forward to larger multimedia screen sizes, up to 12.3 inches. Even better – your multimedia information graphics now cover the entire 12.3-inch optically bonded screen that is designed to reduce glare. I mean, who doesn’t want that?

My favorite features here are wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, much faster info processing speeds, and more conversational voice commands (just say “Hi Toyota”, “Hey Toyota, “Hello Toyota”, and “Ok Toyota” to wake the system up without pushing a single button).

Pro tip: Try the command, “Hey Toyota, tell me a joke”. This should liven things up a little inside your refreshed 2023 Highlander cabin. Nothing like a good Dad joke or two.

You can also simultaneously pair two smartphones at once. This should be helpful on longer road trips.

2023 Highlander Multimedia – How to Get
2023 Toyota Highlander Limited interior toyota audio multimedia

All Toyota Highlander gas and hybrid trim levels have Toyota Audio Multimedia for 2023. Available screen sizes are 8 inches and 12.3 inches.

Both 2023 Highlander Limited and Platinum (gas and hybrid) come with standard 12.3-inch screens. So does Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition.

The remaining Highlander trim levels like L, LE, XLE, and XSE (yes, both gas and hybrid) have standard 8-inch touch screens.

An added bonus is that you can optionally upgrade both XLE and XSE to the larger 12.3-inch touch screen.

New 2023 Highlander Info Displays
2023 Toyota Highlander Limited interior multi-information display

I really like these new Multi-Information Displays (you know, the ones directly behind the steering wheel) for 2023 Toyota Highlander.

Twinning. Toyota is offering a matching 12.3-inch Full Digital Instrument Cluster for both 2023 Highlander Limited and Platinum. Change the look of the display to match your mood. Choices are Casual, Tough, Sporty, and Smart.

But what do I pick if I am feeling a little of all four moods? I guess I will cross that bridge when I test the new display out.

Look for 7-inch Multi-Information Displays (MID) for Toyota Highlander L, LE, XLE, and XSE. I have not figured out yet what display Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition will be getting.

Time for Your Toyota Highlander Comments
2023 Toyota Highlander Limited interior multi-information display sport mode

How do you like the new interior look of 2023 Toyota Highlander? Are you looking forward to the improved multimedia system?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Bill (not verified)    November 20, 2023 - 1:29PM

The new multimedia system is awful. Manual is no help. no help. Much too complex for anyone over 60. Even the sales person had no idea how to do “simple” things.
Very disappointing.