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Best-Ever June for Six Toyota Models (including 2021 RAV4 Prime): Did Your Favorite Set a Record?

The ongoing vehicle shortage did not stop many Toyota models (yes, 2021 RAV4 Prime too) from setting records. See if your favorites made the list.

June was a record month in many ways for Toyota.

The world’s leading automaker earned best-ever alternative powered vehicle sales (hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel-cell) for June, for this past quarter, and for the first half of 2021.

It was also the best-ever first half for Toyota light truck sales.

This is all shocking, really, since we are still right in the middle of a computer chip and vehicle shortage. Despite low inventory at most dealerships (for just about all brands), people are buying cars and trucks and SUVs in record numbers.

Including many popular Toyota models this past month.

2021 RAV4 Prime sales

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE Supersonic Red profile view front end

Toyota RAV4 really set the Toyota world abuzz when it added 2021 RAV4 Prime to its lineup.

Think about this. Toyota RAV4 Prime produces 302 horsepower, while still giving drivers 94MPGe (gasoline/electric motors plus plug-in electricity). Also, RAV4 Prime can travel up to 42 miles on one single electric charge.

There were 2,975 of the 2021 RAV4 Prime sold in June.

Toyota RAV4 continues to climb in sales rankings, thanks to both RAV4 Hybrid and RAV4 Prime.

2021 Toyota Tacoma sales

Toyota sold 24,911 of its wildly popular 2021 Tacoma in June.

This is also not surprising, as Toyota Tacoma has led the midsize truck segment for many years.

2021 Toyota Venza sales

I own a 2021 Toyota Venza Limited and really love it. My impressions are Venza Hybrid rides smooth, comfortable and relatively quiet. Plus, it gets 39mpg combined.

This was a record June for Venza, with 4,781 of this all-new SUV finding new homes.

2021 Prius Prime sales

There were 3,087 Prime Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicles sold in June.

The attractive selling point for Toyota Prius Prime is that it is rated at 133MPGe and can drive up to 25 miles on one electric charge.

2021 Highlander Hybrid sales

Owners of 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid can get up to 36 miles per gallon in their new rides. This is strong fuel efficiency for a midsize SUV like Highlander.

Toyota sold 4,877 of its Highlander Hybrid in June.

On a similar note, total Toyota Highlander category (Highlander gas-only combined with hybrid) also set a sales record for June.

2021 Corolla Hybrid sales

I like what Toyota Corolla Hybrid offers. Combining the best-selling sedan of all time with fuel economy estimates of 53 city / 52 highway seems to be a winning formula.

Corolla Hybrid had June sales of 2,545.

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Time for your Toyota RAV4 Prime comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

As you can tell, several Toyota hybrid models are seeing rising sales as time moves forward.

Did your favorite vehicles make the record setting month? What hybrids would you consider for future purchase?

See you next story when I tell the story of Mike Neal and his 1.5 million mile Tacoma.

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