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Are We Looking at 2022 Toyota Tacoma Heritage Edition?

Toyota teased two new trim levels for 2022 Tacoma. We explore the possibility of seeing Tacoma Heritage Edition.


There is plenty of new information to keep up with if you are a Toyota fan these days. It may be even more challenging if you are assigned to cover Toyota news and stories.

We will soon see more 2022 Tundra details and specifications. Toyota just announced a 2022 Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition. Prius Nightshade is here. The next generation Toyota 86 will be revealed on June 2nd.

And then there is Toyota Tacoma news.

2022 Toyota Tacoma

2022 Toyota Tacoma Toyota teaser picture

Toyota showed us a teaser photo recently of two 2022 Tacoma trim levels. We probably also see the new TRD Pro in lime-yellow color.

One of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma trims is more than likely the TRD Pro. We see the wheels and we see the beefy red FOX Shocks. History shows that a new lime color that we have not seen before could be assigned to Tacoma TRD Pro.

The other 2022 Tacoma grade is even more intriguing. This is promised by Toyota to be “adventure-ready.”

This next section is devoted to detective work, deductive reasoning and speculation on my part. Please do not read any further if you do not like this type of speculative content.

A New 2022 Tacoma Trim

2022 Toyota Tacoma Toyota teaser picture

I am going to use three different sources to come to my hypothesis that we are looking at the 2022 Tacoma Heritage (or Heritage Edition or Heritage Special Edition).

First, the initial Toyota Pressroom post.

“Two new adventure-ready trucks are on the horizon for the mid-size segment-leading Toyota Tacoma. Gear up and get ready!”

This means that we are looking at something we have not seen before. The one on the left is new to Toyota Tacoma.
The one on the right is either a refreshed Tacoma TRD Pro or something new.

Next, look closer at the recent Toyota USA Twitter post.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Toyota USA teaser post“With over 25 years of heritage and capability, sometimes you have to reflect on where you've been to know where you're going. Check back soon to see the newest adventure-ready Tacomas.”

Toyota clearly used the words “heritage” and “capability in their post. These could be clues. It also alluded to looking back to see where they have been to know where they are headed.


Finally, time to look at the 2021 Land Cruiser brochure. Specifically, the page describing Land Cruiser Heritage Edition.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition brochure“Paying homage to the legends that came before is the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. As the latest extension of the iconic badge, it celebrates where it’s been while continuing the tradition of extreme capability and luxurious comfort.”

I see references to reflecting on where something has been and also referring to capability.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Bronze Wheels2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition bronze wheels

Oh, and by the way, both the Toyota Tacoma in the picture and Land Cruiser Heritage Edition have bronze wheels.

So many similar words, phrases, pictures and clues here folks.

Time for your Toyota Tacoma comments

I would love for your thoughts and opinions on this 2022 Tacoma topic.

Do you think we could be looking at Toyota Tacoma Heritage Edition, or do you feel this is something entirely different? I suppose it could be a version of Tacoma TRD Off-Road as well. Or something totally new.

What are you most looking forward to with Tacoma this coming year? Is it the TRD Pro color, the new trim level with the bronze wheels, or maybe upcoming new features and options?

Are there any features that are not on current 2021 Toyota Tacoma trucks that you would like to see?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss the potential for a 2022 Corolla Cross in the United States.

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