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2022 Toyota Prius About to Join the Dark Side

Toyota just teased a new 2022 Prius trim level. Here is what you can expect.


If you are a fan of the Toyota brand, you are about to find yourself in the middle of a flurry of breaking news and developing stories.

I expect the world’s leading automaker to announce several new vehicle updates, refresh improvements, and new trim levels/grades across its current fleet of cars and SUVs and trucks. Even brand-new vehicles are coming to the Toyota lineup.

This includes Toyota Prius.

2022 Toyota Prius News

2022 Toyota Prius Nightshade Midnight Black Metallic back end rear end

Here is a link to the Toyota Pressroom video in which the company teased a new Prius offering for the 2022 model year.

This is the Prius Nightshade. We are not sure yet if this will be an entirely new trim level or a package upgrade for a current trim. It could be added to Prius LE, XLE or Limited.

My guess is a new Toyota Prius trim level altogether.

In the video we see what we think is a Midnight Black Metallic Prius with black accents, including a prominent black Toyota logo.

I would expect to see Prius Nightshade featuring many glossy black accents like its wheels, side mirror caps, front and rear badging and headlight housing. The front end specifically could see unique black accents as well.

Toyota Prius 2020 Edition

Toyota currently offers a “Prius 2020 Edition” for the 2021 model year. This is indeed a special edition, as Toyota only manufactured 2,020 of these one-of-a-kind hybrids.

The Prius 2020 Edition marked the 20th anniversary of Prius, which was first sold in 2021.

This special edition Prius comes with statement-making black inserts for its 17-inch alloy wheels, as well as blackened headlight housing, with black vertical B-pillar strips.

It would come as no surprise for Toyota Prius to replace the 2020 Edition with Prius Nightshade.

Other Toyota Nightshade models

Prius Nightshade will not be the only Toyota Nightshade model. This will join other popular Toyotas like Tacoma, Tundra, Camry, Corolla, Corolla Hatchback, Sequoia, Avalon and C-HR.

4Runner Nightshade is expected to be discontinued in favor of a new 2022 4Runner grade.

Time for your Toyota Prius comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

Do you currently own a Toyota Prius, and if so, how many miles do you have on it? What type of fuel economy are you getting?

Would you be interested in a Prius Nightshade? Any special accents you would especially like to see?

What is your favorite Toyota Nightshade? I even tried to rank them one time. Not sure how that turned out.

See you next story when I discuss the 2022 Tacoma teaser picture just released.

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Al D (not verified)    May 24, 2021 - 2:33PM

I prefer lighter exterior and interior colors down here in Florida. I also tint my windows and use a customized windshield sunshade. My car stays so much cooler and cools off much faster. The last thing I want after leaving the gym is to hop into a hot car.

Bob LaGravinese (not verified)    May 24, 2021 - 9:55PM

I now own a 2021 Prius XLE AWD. Leased in Nov ‘20. I have 10,300 miles on it and getting 49.8 MPG. I do like the way it gets great mileage but I must say that it’s the only thing I like about it. The cabin noise is horrific, impossible to hear talk radio. Every bump in the road practically sends my head through the roof. I think if you laid a dime in the road I’d be able to tell you the date. I’m paying $339 a month with a $17,000 payoff at the end of the lease. I would love to get out of this lease and would appreciate any options. I would love to get a 2019 or 2020 Acura TLX as I previously had a 2015 that I loved.

Sammy Gabriel (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 5:30AM

We own a 2021 Prius Limited. We have ~7,000 miles. We are getting 53.5 mpg average! We traded in a 2014 had much more storage space and a spare tire! This Prius is probably lighter in weight which helps in the gas mileage! This is our 3rd Prius that we have owned...

Joel Nehl (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 11:13AM

In reply to by Sammy Gabriel (not verified)

I have a Prius Prime Limited with just over 7,000 miles on it. The car says I’m getting just over 80 mpg. I got 183 mpg on the last fill up, I made a game about plugging it in wherever possible, even at my friends homes, I live in an apartment, so I can’t plug it in at home. I have a free charging station about a mile away.

Cynthia Weiss (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 6:43AM

I have owned 3 Priuses, all with over 150,000 miles. A 2005 and 2015 "regular" Prius and a 2012 Prius V which is my favorite so far due to the extra cargo space and the far better air conditioning & heating. I "work hard" to get 40 mpg in my V. My husband can get 50 without any effort. Different driving styles. He (easily) averages 50 mpg in the 2015 Package 5 Prius with the sunroof and completely lame solar panel. Our next cars will likely be Tesla. We do not care for the styling of the Generation 4 Prius. It's too "cat like" looking & effeminate for my husband. He also struggles with not enough leg room on longer trips as he's 6'4. The new version interests me, but we'd be more inclined to get a hybrid CHR if they decide to sell them in the US before we got another Priys. We've been toying with the idea of a 2019 or more recent Rav 4 Hybrid, but they're so expensive, even used. Thank you for sharing more info about hybrid and EV cars (and trucks). I love a hybrid car as charging an EV seems a little... daunting to me.

Ali (not verified)    May 27, 2021 - 12:33PM

In reply to by Cynthia Weiss (not verified)

If Prius is an issue for comfort and leg space, you definitely don't need CH R either, I tested both before purchase and Prois has more space on every front-trunk, passenger, front seats. CH R only looks deceptively more spacious, in reality Prius is bigger.

JC (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 7:10AM

2013 Prius owner. Nearly 140000 miles. Still get 50+ during spring and fall. Summers are a little lower, mid 40s.

Prashant (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 10:52AM

Are the catalytic converters on these cars stolen? Someone just stole the cat on my old Gen 2. Thinking of getting a new Prius but don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of replacing stolen cats if this is still an issue.

DONALD J YAZELL (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 1:06PM

We have a 2008 Prius with 166k miles. We get around 40mpg with it now. This thing is a tank!

Matthias Phillips (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 2:05PM

I have a 2012 Toyota Prius. It averages about 41 MPG. I have 244,000 miles on it and the battery is still kicking. Maybe not as good as a fresh battery, but 40 is still pretty good. I never had any engine lights till after 200,000 miles and they were all related to normal wear and tear. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I hope to get 300,000 miles out of it.

Sean Patrick Wilson (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 2:45PM

I had a 2020 special edition prius and my car got totalled by some moron last month. It was a great car and had gotten almost 500 miles on a smaller tank. Now I'm in a non hybrid with less mpg. It was a great car minus the cabin noise. And well now I'm in a completely different manufacturers car. One thing I wish toyota would do is change that antiqued dash interface and move to wear steering wheel is. Also it's time for a better front cockpit design. I feel like it's dated on the inside

Jeff Hise (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 3:20PM

My 2014 Prius has been flawless with 155,000 miles and counting. I was hoping that Toyota would triple the all electric range on a 2022 Prius Prime to match or exceed the Honda Clarity plug in. I am retired now and need a gentler ride and perhaps a bit larger vehicle that still gets great mileage.

Nathan (not verified)    May 25, 2021 - 6:49PM

I own a 2012 Prius Four with 145k on it. According to my Dr. Prius iPhone app, the battery is at ~65%, but since I paid $7500 and I've been averaging 47.5 mpg over the last 3500 miles, I can't complain too much. It's much quieter than my daughter's 2014 Corolla, and I love the JBL sound system.

Gsabsa (not verified)    May 26, 2021 - 1:49AM

No, I don't want a black car. I'm a paramedic. We want other drivers to see and avoid our vehicles. My 2010 Prius has 250,000 miles and still gets 45 to 52 mpg. It has been trouble free, except for regular things like 12volt battery and breaks.

Rodney Ross (not verified)    May 26, 2021 - 4:36PM

Light color vehicles are easier to see, especially at night. I feel this iteration is a mistake. I own a 2020 Prius Prime XLE that I bought four months ago. When I run only short trips during a day, I use no gas. I am currently on the same tank of gas I bought on March 26. It is now May 26. Soon I will be going on some trips. When the gas kicks in, I am around 49-56 mpg. I expect it will be about the same on my trips. I love the Prius. It has so many amenities and the ride is great.

Dr. Emilio Lizardo (not verified)    June 7, 2021 - 8:40AM

For the past few months Toyota has been discounting the Prius Prime by $5,000 and now $4,500. That indicates that it will be a major redesign and it will be sooner rather than later.

I generally fill up (7 gallons) twice a year unless I am on a road trip where I get between 50 and 60 mpg.