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4 Important Changes Coming to 2021 Toyota Camry SE. But do you Like them?

Learn about all updates for 2021 Camry SE. Video comparison and pictures included.


They sometimes say a change is good. Well, in this case, America’s best-selling midsize sedan is due for a change. Not a redesign, but a change.

Refreshed 2021 Camry models have just started hitting dealerships for the public to see. Early returns are positive.

2021 Toyota Camry SE Celestial Silver front end profile view

I recently had the opportunity to compare a 2021 Camry SE in Celestial Silver to a 2020 Camry SE in Super White. I found four main differences and I would love your opinions on what year you like better.

2021 Toyota Camry front end

You know that old expression that first impressions are everything? Well, 2021 Toyota Camry has a new front grille design that will certainly make an impression on people.

2020 Camry SE front end
2020 Toyota Camry SE Super White front end front grille

Camry SE for 2020 features a matte black wire mesh grille design with horizontal slat side accents. Since it is a Sport Edition, the 2020 front end definitely earns its moniker. It is sporty and sleek and tough looking.

However, let it be known that I really like this new 2021 Camry front grille design even more.

2021 Camry SE front end
2021 Toyota Camry SE Celestial Silver front end front grille

Toyota has changed the front grille design to a series of elongated honeycomb patterns, also in matte black. This is both for the upper and lower fascia. Side accent vents now match the center grille pattern.

What are your thoughts on 2020 vs 2021 so far?

2021 Camry wheels

Both 2020 Camry and 2021 Camry SE feature 18-inch machined-finish alloy wheels. Both are gloss black and silver metallic.

2021 Camry SE wheels vs 2020 Camry SE wheels
2021 Toyota Camry SE Celestial Silver wheels 2020 Toyota Camry SE Super White wheels

The wheel design, though, has evolved. I find the 2021 Toyota Camry wheel design looks more modern and fits the car’s profile well.

What wheel design do you prefer?

2021 Toyota Camry SE multimedia

2020 Camry SE has a traditional 7-inch multimedia touch screen that is built into the center display. It is not raised.
You can upgrade to an 8-inch screen if you choose.

2020 Camry SE multimedia display
2020 Toyota Camry SE interior multimedia

Take one look at the new 2021 Camry SE and you will find a raised “floating” 7-inch multimedia touch screen. Customers can choose an optional 9-inch multimedia system as well.

2021 Camry SE multimedia display
2021 Toyota Camry SE interior multimedia

This raised concept is new to Camry and should help to limit distraction time, since the screen sits closer to eye level than last year’s model.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+

An important safety systems evolution is coming to all 2021 Toyota Camry vehicles.

Your new Camry is new equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ for 2021. As a matter of fact, Toyota Camry has previously featured the original Toyota Safety Sense and skipped right over Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 for 2021 vehicles.

Just like in Monopoly when you got to pass GO and collect your $200. Score!

I recently wrote a Torque News / Toyota News story on Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+. Look for additional intersection support, passing overtake assistance and emergency steering assist.

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People comment on 2021 Camry vs 2020 Camry

Viewers of my Toyotajeff YouTube channel recently watched my video comparing both years and were vocal in their thoughts and opinions.

Surma said. “In my opinion, 2020 Camry SE looks way better as far as the front grille design goes.”

AveiroDan had a different view. “I like the 2021. More aggressive.”

“I like the wheels on the 2021 as well as the updated standard safety features but other than that I don’t like the front-end refresh or floating screen.” Added Heckii.

Karsten was happy with one update. “Glad they updated the screen in the 2021, much better.”

“That is one tough looking front end and I love it.” Stated Julio.

VIDEO: Compare 2021 Camry SE vs 2021 Camry SE in my video review.

Feel free to watch my video through YouTube to see all comments. This was just a sampling of opinions.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Camry

We have talked about a handful of changes coming for 2021 Toyota Camry. There is also a brand new 2021 Camry XSE Hybrid too.

What do you think of the changes? Are there parts of each Camry model year you like best?

I am one of those people who likes the new floating screen and appreciate that it can limit distractions. I love the new wheels.

Are you in the market for a new sedan in the near future, and if so, what trim level is best for you and your family?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I talk about 2021 Tacoma Nightshade Editon.

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