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New 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid Trim Level Gets Incredible MPG

Toyota is introducing a brand-new trim to its 2021 Camry lineup. Look for great gas mileage and plenty of sport.

At a time when many auto manufacturers are reducing or even completely eliminating their sedan lineups, Toyota is doing just the opposite. Expansion is the philosophy for 2021 Camry, along with 2021 Avalon and 2021 Corolla too.

We will see a new Camry Hybrid model, an Avalon all-wheel drive and XSE Nightshade edition, as well as a Corolla Apex special edition. There is even a Camry AWD version now.

The Toyota sedan market is strong. Even in a time when people are purchasing SUVs and trucks at electric rates.

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Before the pandemic crisis, Toyota Camry sales were up 12.5 percent and Camry Hybrid sales increased 16.3 percent through February. People still want sedans. And they definitely want hybrids.

In fact, hybrids made up 23 percent of the entire Toyota sales mix in June.

Sounds to me like it is time to bring out a new Camry Hybrid. And new 2021 Camry updates.

2021 Camry Hybrid trim levels

The 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid fleet consists of three trim levels – LE Hybrid, XLE Hybrid and SE Hybrid. I get quite a few comments on my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel from people looking for a new trim that has been noticeable missing.

“When will they come out with XSE Hybrid?” Asked Kenny.

“Camry Hybrid XSE would be killer. Come on Toyota!” Pleaded Marvin.

You asked for it and Toyota is making it happen.

Introducing 2021 Camry XSE Hybrid.

2021 Camry XSE Hybrid Specs

2021 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid front end profile view

Camry XSE Hybrid will incorporate many characteristics we know about 2020 Camry XSE gasoline models, along with a few new tricks of its own.

Expect a powertrain combination of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine (working with two electric motors) and an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. It will incorporate a Lithium-Ion hybrid battery pack.

This should produce 208 total system horsepower and will feature several driving modes including EV, Normal, Eco and Sport. Paddle shifters give drivers the opportunity to simulate shifting themselves.

Fuel efficiency for 2021 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid is not officially confirmed but it should land somewhere in the range of 44 city / 47 highway / 46 combined MPG.

This is quite remarkable to have a Camry Hybrid sedan approaching sniffing distance of legendary Prius fuel estimates. Camry LE Hybrid is pretty much there already, with MPG ratings of 51 city / 53 highway / 52 combined.

More 2021 Camry XSE Hybrid stats

Similar to other 2021 Camry trim levels, the XSE Hybrid will have a refreshed and modernized front fascia. It will still feature a gloss black wire mesh front grille design as its defining element.

XSE Hybrid will ride around town with gloss black 19-inch alloy wheels with P235/40 R19 tires. It comes standard with a color keyed rear spoiler and can be upgraded with an optional black spoiler. Also look for single exhaust with dual chrome tips.

2021 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid 19-inch alloy wheels

Interior highlights include leather seats with 8-way power driver seat and 4-way power passenger seat, heated front seats and Audio Plus with a 9-inch floating multimedia touch screen.

2021 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid interior

Optional features to look forward to are Premium Audio with Dynamic Navigation, Bird’s Eye View camera, heated and cooled front seats, and 10-inch color head-up display.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Warranty

Toyota has built a solid reputation for quality vehicles that you can count on for many hundreds of thousands of miles. Generally, you can trust your Toyota.

However, Toyota also realizes many people have never purchased a hybrid vehicle before and might be hesitant about what happens if something ever goes wrong with that expensive battery.

We need peace of mind here.

Starting with 2020 Toyota Hybrid models, the Hybrid-related component warranty is 8 years / 100,000 miles. The best part of this coverage is the new 10-year / 150,000-mile Hybrid battery warranty.

We now have the peace of mind we are looking for.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Camry

Thanks for reading everyone. Are you interested in this new Camry XSE Hybrid? If not, are you looking for a different Camry trim level, or even a sedan at all?

If none of the above, what do you have your eye on?

See you next story when I talk about a new 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE trim level.

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danwat1234 (not verified)    August 23, 2020 - 7:58AM

I'm interested in the Aptera Roadster. A two-person vehicle, three wheels all wheel drive high performance over 800 miles of range.

Al D (not verified)    August 23, 2020 - 12:25PM

As far as I'm concerned, hybrids that don't plugin are obsolete. I want to see a Camry Prime, Avalon Prime, or what would be my first pick - a Lexus ES Prime. If Toyota doesn't expend the Prime family, I'll still want a RAV4 Prime 3 years from now.

A different though (not verified)    January 31, 2021 - 9:51PM

I was interested in the 2021 LE hybrid until I saw this new "free standing" infotainment screen. Hell ugly. I went for a new discounted 2020 model which has a properly built-in screen. Same specifications 52 mpg and saved myself couple of grands...I wished the XLE would have the same fuel consumption specs but alas.