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2023 Toyota Venza Release Date and BIG Changes

See the big changes coming for 2023 Toyota Venza. And when you can get one.


Toyota Venza is one of those vehicles that appeals to customers right from the start. From the moment it relaunched in the United States for the 2021 model year, it was a hit with buyers.

Perhaps it is that luxury and “Lexus-like” styling. Maybe it is the incredibly comfortable seats and smooth ride quality. It could be the wealth of technology and safety.

I own a 2021 Venza Limited and I love mine.

But what comes next? Time to look at what is new for 2023 Venza.

2023 Toyota Venza Release Date
2022 Toyota Venza Limited Blizzard Pearl front end profile

Look for a strong showing from 2023 Venza in the form of new technology and safety features. The current plan is for new Venza shipments to arrive beginning around November of this year.

With the ongoing worldwide vehicle shortage, it will be difficult to predict the volume and exact timeline for Venza 2023, but this is the schedule for now.

2023 Venza New Multimedia

All new 2023 Venza trim levels are the proud recipients of the new Toyota Audio Multimedia system. You will like the faster processing times, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, advanced capabilities, and easy-to-use voice command abilities and possibilities.

The Venza LE will have 8-inch multimedia screens, while XLE and Limited come with 12.3-inch screens. I am unsure what size screen the new Toyota Venza Nightshade trim will come with.

Speaking of Venza Nightshade…

2023 Toyota Venza Nightshade
2023 Toyota Venza Nightshade Edition Ruby Flare Pearl back end profile

A fourth trim level for 2023 Venza, Nightshade, gives potential buyers another choice. It will come in Ruby Flare Pearl, Wind Chill Pearl, and Black.

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Look for 19-inch gloss black, multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. Also, you will find gloss black rocker panels, shark fin antenna, side mirrors, front grille accents, and badging.

Other 2023 Toyota Venza Changes

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 is standard on all four trim levels.

Multi-information displays will be modernized and supersized as well. Most trims will carry 7-inch displays, but Limited will have a fully digital 12.3-inch information display. You can even switch up the look based on casual, smart, tough, and sporty themes.

Qi wireless charging is moving to its fourth-generation version.

Finally, connectivity has changed too. One USB-A port and two USB-C ports should help passengers be as connected as possible.

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Time for Your Toyota Venza Comments

Are you a fan of Toyota Venza and do you own one? Which of these changes are most important to you?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Vern Mueller (not verified)    August 24, 2022 - 12:38AM

What models will Toyota/Lexus offer with plug in hybrids?
My next car will be a plug-in. And I'd like it to be a Toyota or Lexus.

Arthur Liao (not verified)    November 16, 2022 - 9:24AM

I can't wait, I'm going to put a deposit down for a 2023 Venza Limited with the stargaze glass!

Scott Hagen (not verified)    November 21, 2022 - 11:48PM

The passenger seat is set to high for anyone 5’10”to enter the car comfortably. It’s the same in RAV 4. Once ur in it’s ok. Other than that it’s a really nice economical large vehicle.

Joyce Johnson (not verified)    January 8, 2023 - 10:13PM

Yes I love my 2021 Venza.
Might have to take look and see the '23 if Android Auto is wireless.
But only if I don't bang my head every time I get in.