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Road Rover Will Be Land Rover's 1st Real EV as Company Is Making Unheard of Changes

More information emerges about the soon upcoming new Land Rover model, the Road Rover. Scheduled for production and sale by 2020, what was rumored to be Land Rover’s first luxury saloon based on the upcoming next generation all electric Jaguar XJ, it will instead be Land Rover’s first all electric all terrain wagon variant of Jaguar’s flagship.

Coming in 2020 is the all new EV Land Rover model called the Road Rover:

  • Based on the upcoming next gen Jaguar XJ platform in wagon non-SUV variant.
  • Road Rover will be Land Rover’s first all electric BEV and one of the most expensive in the range.
  • Similar to Audi AllRoad and Volvo Cross Country: high riding AWD dual motor 300 mile range.
  • Road Rover will start a new Land Rover model range of rugged passenger cars.

More details are emerging about Land Rover’s future plans for its model range. Autocar UK is reporting that by 2020 Land Rover will introduce a non-SUV high riding AWD BEV dual electric motor variant of Jaguar’s upcoming next generation BEV Jaguar XJ saloon. Called the Road Rover, it will be a wagon in a Volvo Cross Country sort of way, on the upcoming Jaguar’s new aluminum EV optimized platform, "Modular Longitudinal Architecture."

What a Road Rover Wagon Will Be

It will be high riding for all terrain driving, AWD, 300 miles of range, with dual motors. The Road Rover will begin as the first model in a Land Rover new range of rugged passenger cars focused around people as opposed to the vehicle and the elements. The car was first rumored to be a sedan companion to her Jaguar sister to make her the first passenger car Land Rover would sell, but it turned out that the car would become a wagon instead, but since its not an SUV it may still qualify. It’s target market is China and the US.

Land Rover Is Making Unheard of Changes

There are many changes coming to Land Rover with an all new or new next generation model to either debut and/or replace an existing model through 2023. The Road Rover wagon will be the luxury bespoke all terrain vehicle maker’s high end flagship Road Rover model, that with other upcoming Road Rover vehicles this will make it a sub-brand, like Range Rover has become as they’ve moved their iconic flagship upmarket to compete with the likes of Bentley and Rolls Royce SUVs.

Road Rovers will become a line of rugged passenger cars that focus more on passenger comfort than negotiating difficult terrain. The Road Rover wagon (CarBuzz says the price will be around $120,000) will sit near or next to the top of the Range Rover lineup with Range Rover SWB (MSRP $87,350), SVCoupe (MSRP $295,000), and the most expensive model on top, the fully bespoke SVAutobiography LWB (MSRP $208,000 and up).

The Road Rover Name

This is a first for Land Rover to offer a non SUV wagon, and an all electric vehicle, but not a first for the name Road Rover. A precursor model back in the 1960s once was made as a prototype in a three door SUV wagon, what would eventually become the Range Rover. Also, back in the 1950s Land Rover once considered using the name as a bridge model between them and the Rover brand. Diehard Land Rover fans consider the Road Rover rollout controversial, as pampering passenger cars with limited terrain capability are considered counter-intuitive, counter-cultural, and counter resistant to the whole present Land Rover experience. Some say it’s the complete opposite of what Land Rover stands for.

There’s a chance the wagon will appear at the 2019 LA Auto Show and go into production in 2020.

What do you think of the Road Rover Wagon and soon coming lineup? Is it a good idea or a bad one? How about the other changes Land Rover is making with Range Rover? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I would like to have a Road Rover EV if it was affordable. Do we know anything about the price of the Road Rover BEV other than CarBuzz's $120,000 price projection?
Don thanks for the comment. LR seems tight lipped, but they did say it would sit on the top end of the model range between Range Rovers, and you see what LR has done to that SUV. So no firm pricing yet, but I’d expect it to be somewhere where RR SWB sits starting at 87,000 and up USD. No idea where CarBuzz got their figure, thats why I posted it. I’m new in this business, and I’m learning these journalists have their contacts and connections . . .
I also think that once the Japanese and Koreans copy the Road Rover and deliver one with improved reliability (but probably worse styling), it will be a big seller.
Amen. Don I was thinking that since its a BEV hopefully it’ll be more reliable than LR’s rep with past gas. I’d wait to buy or lease a used one CPO I’m sure there’s a huge LR emporium dealer that can help.
Probably no great surprise - it's a Jag XJ estate with a rebadge, and JLR are already doing EV with the iPace in the showroom.
Don’t forget the new Jag XJ is all electric, there’s no gas version coming. And the renders Ive seen won’t bring it back to the old days of Lyon’s sleek 4 headlight saloon, but it does look much more conservative than the direction last 10 years Jag was going.
So, basically, a re-branded Jaguar with delusions of off-road ability?
Looks like the Road Rover is an estate version of the next XJ.
I have always thought land rover should do an estate car like this, based on how superb and versatile the two Subaru outbacks I've owned were.
The back end of the Road Rover looks squashed down. And as for the rest, the only thing that differentiates the current landrover lineup is the price tags.
About time they made a road car. Every other manufacturer has moved into Land Rover's sector and building SUVs.
Interesting. Didn’t think of it that way. People so preoccupied with why they did for you to see its about time. THis makes me wonder what a RR saloon would have been like.
This electric vehicle nonsense winds me up, it's not green. It makes us feel green. Where does the electricity come from? Mostly coal fired power stations. The more cars need charging the more greenhouse gases are produced, and thats before we start on the toxicity of manufacturing the things and disposal of knackered batteries every 500 charges. STOP IT, STOP IT NOW. Until we have renewable sources for all our power - its a feel good scam.
“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life, in as much as they are looking for the experience of feeling alive.” Joseph Campbell
Are you sure you’re not Sergio Marchionne?
The EV Road Rover looks good from the picture shown. It looks like it might be in competition with the Porsche Mission E-Cross (if built). But if it is sold at twice the price of the Jaguar iPace, then it would be a tough sell, especially in the U.S. where station wagons have a minimal demand.
That price point puts it in the “I gotta have this because few will,” category. it'll sell.