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2023 Range Rover PHEV SE: Excellent EV-Only Range With Amazing Luxury

The 2023 Range Rover PHEV SE is an impressive plug-in hybrid SUV that offers the best plug-in range in its class. With its powerful performance, comfortable ride, and luxurious features, it's easy to see why people love owning this vehicle. This week I am test-driving the 2023 Range Rover PHEV at Torque News and this is my review.

What captivates the attention of the luxury car-buyers when it comes to the Range Rover goes beyond its renowned off-road capabilities. It is the seamless elegance of its design, the lavishness of its interior, and the prestigious status it has garnered over the years. The 2023 model takes luxury to new heights, representing the epitome of opulence in the Range Rover lineup. With a range of powertrain options available, including a plug-in hybrid variant, this brand's largest SUV gracefully maneuvers through traffic, offering a serene ride and a whisper-quiet interior.

While the Range Rover owners have the option to venture off-road, equipped with standard all-wheel drive and the ability to raise its air suspension for added ground clearance, it is a well-known fact that few would dare subject this masterpiece on wheels to such rugged conditions. Instead, it stands as a testament to automotive artistry, captivating the eyes of onlookers as it cruises through urban landscapes.

Starting at a price point surpassing $100,000, the Range Rover takes its place as a luxury SUV that surpasses rivals such as the Cadillac Escalade, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class in terms of cost.

For those who seek the pinnacle of automotive refinement and prestige, the Range Rover reigns supreme.

Pricing and Trims of The 2023 Range Rover

The 2023 Range Rover Is offered in five trims: SE, SE PHEV, Autobiography, First Edition and SV. Let's delve into the various trims and their respective price points.

Starting with the entry-level SE trim, it provides a solid foundation for those seeking the Range Rover experience. Priced at $105,975, the SE offers a host of premium features and amenities that epitomize the luxury SUV segment.

2023 Range Rover PHEV SE side exterior

For those inclined towards environmentally conscious driving, the SE PHEV trim presents an enticing option. With its hybrid powertrain, this variant combines the benefits of electric mobility with the renowned capabilities of the Range Rover. It is priced slightly higher than the SE, at $106,250, offering a greener and more sustainable driving experience without compromising on performance or comfort.

Stepping up the ladder, we encounter the Autobiography trim, which elevates luxury to unparalleled heights. Priced at $159,075, the Autobiography exudes sophistication and refinement in every aspect. It showcases the pinnacle of craftsmanship and is equipped with an array of cutting-edge technologies and lavish appointments, providing an indulgent driving experience.

For those seeking exclusivity and a touch of rarity, the First Edition trim is an enticing choice. With a price tag of $165,475, this limited-edition variant offers a unique and distinguished presence on the road. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the First Edition showcases bespoke elements and bespoke finishes, making it a true collector's item.

At the top of the range, we find the SV trim, which stands as the epitome of performance and luxury. Priced at $194,575, the SV embodies the pinnacle of Range Rover's capabilities, pushing boundaries with its powerful engine, advanced technologies, and bespoke enhancements. It caters to those who demand the utmost in performance, exclusivity, and refinement.

Under The Hood

Under the hood, the Range Rover PHEV SE features a three-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and an eight-speed automatic transmission. This combination delivers a total of 434 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. The SUV comes with standard all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, providing excellent control and maneuverability.

The plug-in hybrid system of the Range Rover PHEV SE is equipped with a large 38.2 kilowatt-hour battery, offering an impressive electric range of 82 kilometers (51 miles). With a full tank of fuel and a full charge, the SUV provides a total range of approximately 806 kilometers (500 miles). This makes it an excellent choice for daily commuting, as most people would be able to complete their work commute using pure electric power.

The vehicle's gasoline only MPG is 21 miles per gallon, while city/highway combined MPGe (electricity + gasoline) is impassively 51 miles per gallon.

In terms of standard features, the Range Rover PHEV SE offers a host of luxurious amenities. These include a 13.7-inch digital driver display, a 13.1-inch touchscreen with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a wireless charger, a Meridian sound system, perforated Windsor leather 20-way power heated front seats with driver seat memory, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, a panoramic sunroof, and a power tailgate.

Exterior Design

The design of the Range Rover PHEV SE is modern, elegant, and sophisticated. The exterior features clean lines and flush surfaces, creating a sleek and luxurious look. The SUV comes with LED headlights, LED tail lights, and 21-inch wheels as standard, while 22-inch wheels are available as an option.

When I got this vehicle for a week-long test-drive I was immediately impressed with its exterior design. The car is long and sleek, with a sloping roofline and a wide stance. The front end is dominated by the large grille and the LED headlights, which give the car a powerful and aggressive look. The rear end is just as impressive, with its sleek taillights and integrated spoiler.


Stepping into the interior of the 2023 Range Rover PHEV SE, I was struck by the minimalist aesthetic of the dashboard. Range Rover's designers have masterfully combined touchscreens and traditional buttons to create a clean and sophisticated dash that avoids the clutter of excessive screens. As someone who appreciates simplicity and elegance, this design choice was a breath of fresh air.

2023 Range Rover PHEV SE front interior

In the driver's seat, my attention was drawn to the lower digital climate control touchscreen that gracefully gave way to a pair of dials and a few carefully selected buttons. The functionality of controlling the air conditioning and seat heating by simply pressing these dials was both intuitive and convenient. Range Rover understands that when you have the luxury of a driver, or if you're a limo company catering to discerning clientele, distractions should be kept to a minimum.

The interior experience of the Range Rover PHEV SE proved to be a haven of tranquility. The designers have carefully curated an environment where occupants can truly unwind and enjoy the journey.

2023 Range Rover PHEV SE back seat

Notable features inside the 2023 Range Rover PHEV SE include a low-profile shifter and drive-mode selector button that retract when not in use, adding to the overall sleekness of the interior. The single-spoke steering wheel exudes sophistication and provides a comfortable grip. Air conditioning vents, elegantly positioned and unobtrusive, complement the overall design language, ensuring a seamless blend of form and function.

At the heart of the dashboard sits the largest touchscreen ever seen in a Range Rover, measuring an impressive 13.1 inches. Despite its size, the convex surface and high-resolution graphics prevent any sense of overwhelming visual stimulation. The screen is responsive to touch controls, making it effortless to navigate the various infotainment options. I found the system to be so sleek and intuitive that I wasn't in a rush to enable wireless Apple CarPlay, a testament to the seamless integration of technology within the interior design.

I think this PHEV's interior is a testament to the Land Rover's commitment to creating a refined and uncluttered space for both driver and passengers. By embracing a minimalist approach while still offering advanced features, Range Rover has struck a delicate balance between luxury and functionality. Whether enjoying the driving experience or luxuriating in the rear seat, this vehicle provides an environment that promotes relaxation and allows occupants to fully appreciate the journey.

2023 Range Rover PHEV SE trunk

If I could define the interior driving experience of the 2023 Range Rover PHEV SE in two words, those would be calmness and tranquility.

How The 2023 Range Rover PHEV SE Drives

The 2023 Range Rover PHEV is a remarkable vehicle that combines power, luxury, and off-road capability in a single package. As I took the wheel and hit the road for this review, I couldn't help but be impressed by its driving dynamics and overall performance.

Despite its substantial weight, the Range Rover PHEV handles exceptionally well. The Range Rover PHEV isn't a lightweight vehicle - it's a big truck carrying a big battery - but the way it manages that weight is impressive. The adaptive dampers and air suspension work seamlessly to counteract body roll, particularly during long corners. The responsiveness of the suspension system is truly impressive, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even when faced with challenging road conditions.

What surprised me the most was how the Range Rover PHEV' shocks and air suspension system responded during braking and acceleration. In most large vehicles, braking results in a noticeable dive as the weight shifts forward. However, the 2023 Range Rover PHEV minimizes this effect by firming up the suspension under braking. The result is a controlled and stable braking experience, giving the driver a sense of confidence and composure. Similarly, when accelerating, the suspension adjusts to eliminate squat, allowing for a neutral and low-inertia body feel. It's a unique sensation that enhances the overall driving experience.

Speaking of power, the gasoline engine plays a predominant role in delivering performance. The electric motor, on the other hand, provides an extra boost during initial acceleration and helps reduce lag between gear changes. The electric assistance not only adds to the vehicle's overall power but also contributes to a smoother driving experience. With its soft purr and subtle grunt, the Range Rover PHEV effortlessly combines luxury and performance.

One of the notable features of this SUV is its electric range. With approximately 48 miles of electric-only driving range, the Range Rover PHEV allows for emissions-free journeys and reduced fuel consumption. The convenience of fast DC charging stations further enhances the electric driving experience. In less than 60 minutes, you can charge the vehicle from 0 to 80%, providing ample range for your daily commutes or weekend getaways.

2023 Range Rover PHEV SE rear exterior design

Despite its impressive electric capabilities, the Range Rover PHEV doesn't compromise on its off-road prowess. This vehicle is built to tackle the toughest terrains with ease. With features like a wading depth of up to 900mm and specialized drive modes such as Rock crawl and Mud and rut, it can conquer even the most challenging surfaces. Additionally, the intelligent Hill Descent Control system takes care of braking, throttle, and transmission, allowing the driver to focus solely on steering. Whether it's gravel roads or rugged trails, the Range Rover PHEV demonstrates its versatility and capability off the beaten path.

The 2023 Range Rover PHEV delivers an outstanding driving experience that combines power, luxury, and off-road capability. Its adaptive suspension, seamless handling, and electric assistance make for a comfortable and refined ride. Whether you're cruising on the highway or venturing off the beaten path, the Range Rover PHEV is a true embodiment of versatility and performance.

Armen Hareyan is the founder and the Editor in Chief of Torque News. He founded in 2010, which since then has been publishing expert news and analysis about the automotive industry. He can be reached at Torque News Twitter, Facebok, Linkedin and Youtube.