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Termination of the Lincoln Town Car marks the end of an era

The Lincoln Town Car has been the standard bearer for the limousine industry in the U.S. and Canada for the last 30 years. Since its introduction in 1981, in standard production models and modified chauffeured variations, the Lincoln Town Car has delivered countless executives, officials and dignitaries to their respective destinations in elegance, comfort and style.
Posted: December 30, 2011 - 4:06PM
Author: Don Bain

Now that production has ended, limo companies see no readily apparent successor to the venerable grand touring car.

During the 2011 LCT Show in Vegas and the LimoDigest Show at Atlantic City, nothing stood out as a clear replacement for the Lincoln Town Car. The brand was pushing the MKT and MKZ models, but most limousine companies aren’t impressed with these models. Successful acceptance of these models will depend the response and feedback of the clientele. Obviously if the new models don’t click with their customers, executive transportation companies will look elsewhere.

Hyundai was pushing the Genesis while Toyota was parading the Camry for consideration. Neither truly has the size nor level of luxury a limo company requires of its vehicles. Models from the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class, or the BMW 5-series are more apparent heirs to the crown.

The upper management at KLS, a major player in the limousine market, expects this is a conundrum that will work itself out over the next couple years. If no suitable model can be found, one of the world’s auto manufacturers will no doubt step up to the plate. The commercial transportation industry adds up to something like $7 billion in annual revenue worldwide and serious money like that won’t be ignored for long.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if one of the electric car companies jumped in with an electric limousine? Most executive trips are less than 100 miles round trip and the quiet ride would be a plus.

Can you say “Stretch Tesla Model S?”