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Driving in rallies, tanks, Ferraris latest perks for Brits

A company called Ltd. is the source behind a new web-based provider that can let you drive in a road rally, tool around in a tank or even take the wheel of a flashy Ferrari on or off the race track.
Posted: June 29, 2012 - 9:13PM
Author: Don Bain

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Based in Somerset, England, the company is providing the ultimate in adventure experiences for bachelor or bride-to-be parties, as a corporate incentive or just maybe the wildest gift ever for a guy’s best buddy or a gal’s BFF.

The site is the latest in a trilogy of special adventure event sites offering the perfect thing for thrill-seeking friends and family members who must already have everything else. offers the incredible opportunity to participate in the widely popular tank driving events. A number of venues offer these turreted paintball tanks, car-crushing outings and combat simulation maneuvers wherein participants hone their field craft, as well as gun and vehicle maintenance skills over the course of the day. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to paintball wars, doesn’t it?, in contrast, engages speed kings and queens with some of the best rally track driving schools across the UK. Catering for one-on-one participants, corporate days or nuptial-related events, drivers can race each other in a wide array of rally cars, including Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru Imprezas, with a choice of two or four-wheel drive experiences.

"The idea behind our new Ferrari driving experience site was to fill an existing gap in the market by providing an unbiased and free-to-use service to both personal and business customers,” said the incisive mind behind the sites. “It will enable them to locate, compare and contact Britain's best sports car driving facilities, quickly and easily,” according to Ben Gray, Business Development Director of Ltd.

“Additionally, if our customers have a particular model in mind, they can search for a conveniently-situated center where it's available to drive." Ltd. began its life by specializing in private and corporate event and activity days, but soon branched out into a world-wide venue hire directory and booking service

Since then, they've gone on to launch the other specialized services surrounding tanks, rally and Ferrari driving, intended to compliment and enhance the services offered to customers.

If you have a trip to he United Kingdom in mind, why not try your hand on the rally track, the paintball tank battlefield or with the hands on the wheel of a wickedly fast Ferrari.

The website is live now to provide on and off-track experiences, as well as vehicle hire facilities for special occasions. They are no commissions or booking fees, since you make a booking directly with the venue operator, so you day in the cockpit of one adventure or another is a sure thing.

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