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Ford Recalls 200,000 2021, 2022 F-150s To Fix Driveshaft Problem

In the second recall of Ford F-150 pickups in the last six months, Ford has recalled about 200,000 F-150 SuperCab models, equipped with four-wheel-drive, because of problems with driveshaft insulation.
Posted: December 23, 2021 - 3:45PM
Author: Marc Stern

Ford has recalled nearly 200,000 2021 and 2022 F-150 pickups to repair issues with the driveshaft. The problem involves insulators that can loosen up and contact the driveshaft.

Ford Has Heard Of 27 Possible Failures

Over time, the insulators score the aluminum driveshaft to the point that it might fail. Ford says, according to, that they have evidence of 27 driveshafts that may have failed due to the issue. The website notes that the problem is due to "inadequate adhesion" or, translating the corporate-speak, the glue used to hold the insulators in place didn't hold well. The issue is heat-related.

Driveshaft failure comes in two modes. The first is when the vehicle is moving, and when the driveshaft goes, the F-150 stops moving. In the second failure mode, the pickup is in Park, and it can start moving.

Ford, for its part, has heard of no accidents or injuries that this problem has caused.

The F-150s involved have a wheelbase of 145 inches. The SuperCrew models are equipped with four-wheel-drive and what calls the 302A option level. Shorter models are not affected by this problem.

Two Ways To Determine Problems

You can tell if there is a problem with your vehicle in two ways. The first is simply looking under the pickup to see if insulators are hanging. Or, the second way is to slide under the pickup and take a close look at the driveshaft to see if there is plain evidence of scoring.

Ford will begin notifying affected owners at the end of next month when they send out letters spelling out the issue. Dealer technicians look at driveshafts to check for overall damage and ensure that the insulators are better installed if the damage is relatively minor. If there is apparent driveshaft damage, the dealer will replace it and related parts free.

The total number of F-150s involved is 184,698.

Second Driveshaft-Related Problem This Year

This is the second driveshaft-related recall this year. Last June, the automaker recalled 4,436 F-150s due to driveshaft separation. According to Torque News, the clip that holds the two-piece driveshaft together was improperly installed, causing the issue. My piece on the topic details the issues involved in the earlier recall.

Image Courtesy Ford Motor Co.

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