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Is This Winning Sketch the Future Ram 1500?

High school students competed to design the Ram 1500 of the future. See the top three winners.

Drawings from three high school students are giving us a peek into the future of design for Ram Trucks. The students competed in the 10-week FCA Drive for Design competition and were judged by top designers for Fiat Chrysler as well as guest judge Josh Welton. Students were asked to design the Ram of the future and the results show us what the students perceive as the next generations of the popular Ram 1500.

Fiat Chrysler created the competition to encourage students to consider careers in the automotive industry. This year, one teenager from California and two from Michigan were selected for their designs. The contest was limited to high school students in grades 10-12. Recently, Ram also held a similar "sketch battle" for artists of all ages.

“All of the entries were impressive, the work was very focused with a notable attention to detail, as well as their thought process – these are characteristics we look for when we go to hire designers to work for FCA,” said Mark Trostle, Head of Ram Truck and Mopar Exterior Design for FCA – North America. “Automotive design is a growing field and often overlooked by parents and students, our goal is to inspire and change that perspective. There are many career paths available within automotive design where young designers will have the opportunity to create some of the most exciting and technologically advanced products on the road today, as well as create what’s possible for the future.”

Trostle introduced Drive for Design in 2013, based on a contest he won in high school. Trostle credits that experience as something that led him to his current professional role, heading the design efforts for some of the most desired vehicles on the road.

Job Skandera’s drawing of a vibrant Ram 1500 with a changeable suspension to make it easier for elderly and young people to enter took first prize. Skandera, of Santa Clara, California, also envisions a water-filtering system on board the vehicle and craftsmanship based on igneous volcanic rock. Skandera, who is in 12th grade, wins a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 design computer for placing first.

Second Place Winner Draws an Electric Ram

Vincent Piaskowski, took second place, for his drawing of an Electric Ram 1500. The neon yellow Ram has the cab pushed forward to accommodate a larger truck bed. It also adds a heavy-duty power supply in the bed as well as additional storage on both the sides and in the truck bed. Piaskowski is in the 11th grade, in Birmingham, Michigan. Piaskowski is a second-time winner in the Drive for Design competition. He placed third in last year’s contest.

Third Place Winner Envisions More Storage

Alex David Kirschmann takes home third place for his futuristic drawing of a Ram 1500 Series A truck. Kirschmann envisions a truck with more RamBox storage as well as a retractable truck bed cover. Kirschmann is in the 11th grade, in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Auburn Hills is where the massive Fiat Chrysler headquarters is located.

Both Piaskowski and Kirschmann will receive an Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as their prize. The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the company to change other aspects of the prizes. Rather than visiting the FCA design offices, the teens will each be treated to virtual networking and design sketching demonstrations with members of the FCA design team.

“I’m a truck guy, so I was especially stoked to see what this year’s competitors would bring to the table. They did not disappoint! The three winners each showed off sky high potential in technical skill and imagination without sacrificing what makes a Ram a Ram: functionality, said Josh Welton, Guest Judge. “If it’s going to be ‘Built to Serve’ it needs to first be ‘designed to serve.’ I’ll be first in line to rock any of their drawings should they come to life!”

“While we were not able to carry out our award ceremonies this year, we do want to give special thanks to our partners EyesOn Design and College for Creative Studies,” said Trostle.

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