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What is the best cover to protect a 2016 Ram 1500 truck from the Florida sun?

It is a common problem. What should you do if your new truck is too long for your garage? A Florida 2016 Ram 1500 truck owner asks for recommendations on the best cover to protect from sun damage.

The owner of a new 2016 Ram 1500 didn’t realize it when he bought his truck, but it is way too long to fit in his Florida garage. He turned to the members of the Ram forum for recommendations for the best cover for his new beauty. Norton says “I love my new Ram, but it is over a foot too long to fit in my garage. It will start to bother me knowing it's exposed to our brutal sun and heat. What would be a good quality cover for my 2016 quad cab with a 6.4 bed length? Something that breaths and is good for protection from the sun?”

Jake, from New Jersey, has a similar problem. He solved it by buying a custom cover. “My truck does NOT fit in my attached one-car garage so I bought an ultra thick full cover for winter & hail protection...Covercraft Technalon Evolution Fabric, full truck cover for $302.00 on Amazon.”

Crush, another Ram owner, is concerned about protecting his truck from hail in Minnesota. He suggests, “I have a Hail Protector cover for mine since she's parked in the driveway in the summer. Love the cover, but is does take a little time to get on/off. I'm not sure how much hail you get in Florida, but in MN it was a necessity. The cover breathes well and is designed for UV protection, customer service is top notch and design is really creative.”

RJS, from North Carolina, adds, “I've used Covercraft Technalon covers on my C5 Corvette and my wife's 2011 Buick Regal- both of them are excellent covers, "easy" to install and remove, clean up well and are not too terribly expensive, when you consider the amount of UV, dust and debris damage they protect the vehicle from. I have a Covercraft indoor cover over my Challenger R/T in my garage. Definitely a sound investment in Florida!”

A Pennsylvania owner says he has had luck with another brand. “California car cover is a good brand that I used on my 2000 Dakota. And pay a little more for their best quality cover. I've had cheap ones in the past and they don't hold up.”

RJS agrees, “Not only do they not hold up, they often cause more harm than they protect from- scratches due to the fabric design, holding moisture causing water spot damage or even worse-corrosion, etc.. definitely spend the money for a good one, or use nothing at all.”

In the end, Norton decided to go with the brand that is built for the Florida sun. “I ordered the Covercraft sunbrella model(best for Florida heat and sun), called covercraft direct, they said $734 before shipping and tax! but they gave me a number for a distributer, that is making it for $599, no tax and free shipping. I'm really happy with the quality and fit. Thanks, Jake for suggesting Covercraft, I will feel much better this summer knowing my Ram is protected from our scorching temps.”


Michael Siciliano (not verified)    February 3, 2017 - 12:38AM

Or you could spend $399 and get a Hail Protector cover system and protect against sun and, in this case, Any Size Hail... Evolution fabric won't stop hail... Not ever Kimberly Clark would say that.