2016 Ram 1500

Three reasons that 2016 Ram 1500 owners should be worried about their fuel sensors

The owner of a 2016 Ram 1500 is concerned because his fuel sensor light came on unexpectedly. Members of a truck forum point out that this problem is happening quite frequently.

There is nothing more worrisome than the thought of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with vehicle trouble. That was the cloud hanging over the head of a 2016 Ram 1500 owner. Mollie, from Arizona, told members of a Ram truck forum, “I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Longhorn and tonight I filled the tank and about 100 miles later the engine light came on (solid) and the fuel gauge went to empty and the fuel range went to low fuel. Called Ram customer care and a case was opened and they suggested I get hold of the dealer. I will contact the dealer but I'm 60 miles from the dealer and I'm concerned if I can drive that far with these warning indicators. Any else have this problem?”

Engine lights often signal long term consequences

Most of us have learned over the last few years that a “check engine” light can mean bad gas, but a solid engine light is a different animal and no one wants to do long term damage to a vehicle. Plus, having the fuel gauge drop would suggest a major leak and the possibility of a fire.

Service department admits this is a known complaint

Mollie checked in with Ram customer care and was surprised at the response. “Talked with customer care today and they opened a star case, also spoke with dealer, also spoke with tech and set up appointment for Monday morning. Tech said they have had several issues like this lately.”

Fastback says it happened to him, in Texas, repeatedly. “I had that happen intermittently for months. Finally they filed a STAR case on it, and eventually the fuel pump was replaced. I haven't seen the issue since.”

Marsh had it happen, in Long Island, as well! “I had the same issue, turned out to be the fuel sensor, dealer replaced and corrected the issue.”

Replacing the sensor is expensive

Mollie told members of the group that his dealer appears to have solved the problem. “The dealer removed the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump assembly, all is well now just hope that I have no more fuel pump issues.”

Mollie is lucky that his vehicle was still under warranty and they fixed the problem. Most people don’t know that most of the fuel sensors are now part of the fuel pump assembly, so to fix a problem like this they have to change the fuel pump. That means they have to drain the fuel tank, remove it and switch out the fuel pump. It takes almost a whole day and can run close to a thousand dollars. So if you start to develop problems try to have it taken care of under warranty, waiting can cost you a bundle. I have not seen many complaints from other Ram model years, but if you own a 2016 Ram 1500, it is good to be aware.

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It's helpful I have a 2016 ram 1500, no problems yet
2014 15p0 here 44000 miles same issue... apparently dodge isn't to concerned with curling this issue as I believe it should be a recall.... it is all over the internet...
same thing on my 2014 with 39500 miles sounds like this is the norm for dodge trucks expensive repair
Now my exhaust manifold bolts are breaking at 40000 miles, last dodge I buy
I have a 2015 1500 5.7Long Horn with about 45K, and am now getting the dredging fuel sensor failure, luckily I got the extended warranty (which I sadly now see to have to suggest with this truck), there was also a plugged sensor they replaced awhile ago also and does any one have a problem with the brake pedal being loose?
2014 ram mine just done the same thing 42000 miles, looks like i'll be fixing it my self since i'm a mechanic, but after working all day on stuff, really don.t feel like doing it.went to a dodge because i got a bad chevy truck, this dodge has been the worst vehicle i've ever owned. many things fixed while under warrenty.
I have a 2017 Ram 1500 with only 5000 miles on it and the sensor appears to be bad... not a good sign... kind of sad but the day I got it brand new and brought it home the battery went dead with a bad cell... I had to get help to get it started to take back to shop to get new battery... brand new and dead... now 5000 miles and a fuel sensor bad...WOW!
2017 bighorn same problem with fuel gauge--bottoms out when under half tank
I2017, Big Horn 4x4 w/ 39k miles and same issue, is this usually covered under warranty and if so what warranty?
got 2016 ram 1500 at 35000 miles fuel gage went to empty at a half tank. dealer put fuel sending unit on and did same thing. tried reprograming it 2 times and still dont work right, not happy!!