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Some 2017 Ram 1500 Owners Say Their Seat Heaters Don't Work

Just as we are heading into colder weather, some 2017 Ram 1500 owners are complaining that their heated seats don't get very warm.

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The owner of a 2017 Ram 1500 Longhorn is reaching out to a popular truck forum, wondering if he is the only one who is unhappy with his heated seats. Longhorn, from Canada, writes, “New 2017 longhorn, 8K km... the heated seats on this truck are terrible. Not very warm at all and only the rear and lower section get slightly warm, both driver and passenger seats. My wife's Cherokee work fantastic. The 2010 Silverado i traded in for this worked great. All vehicles I've owned with heated seats are far warmer than these. Anyone know if this is vehicle specific or is this just poor quality?”

I don’t think that Longhorn is the only one who is unhappy, because I’ve seen a couple of other threads on this topic. The complaints aren’t just with leather seats, but also with fabric seats.

Magna says he has a similar problem with his 2017 Longhorn as well. “Hey Longhorn I’m only 10 min from you, maybe we can compare as I’m thinking mine is not that hot either. First time with heated seats but I can swear my buddies Ford was like a toaster oven lol. AS for the steering wheel heat it is hot but I've noticed after about 10min it goes down in temp.”

Many Ram owners say the seats get almost too hot

Fan writes, “I have the heated seats in my 2017 Laramie and they work so well that I usually turn them off before I get half way to work because they're too hot. Take it in to the dealer and get them to check it out since it’s under warranty.”

It is especially a problem for Longhorn because Canada notoriously has cold winter weather. Dewey, from Wisconsin, is also familiar with cold weather and he says, “There is something wrong with your heated seats. The leather seats in my Laramie get so hot I can stand them on high. Low is about perfect.”

Rob, from California, says that Longhorn should be feeling the heat. “My Longhorn seats get too hot for high setting within 10 minutes. Low setting seems to keep my seats right around body temperature. Heated steering wheel is too hot. It needs a low setting too. The wood portion almost burns my hands.”

Magoo, also from Canada, says the seats should heat up eventually. “Takes a while for the leather to heat up. As you drive, the higher output of your alternator will speed the warming process. Granted, these seats don't get hot like many other brands, but they do warm nicely once the truck is rolling down the road. This is the case in both my '14 and '17 Laramies.”

Defective seats should be fixed under warranty

Mike, from Washington, raises the issue of seat coverings but it appears that Longhorn must have a true problem. “The seat heaters in my Rebel work fine. They don't get as hot as the seats in the GMC I traded in, but I still have to turn them down to low after initial heating. Also, I have Cordura Ballistic seat covers, in case anyone is wondering if seat covers affect them.”

Mac, from Boston, adds that his Laramie seats work almost too well. “My Laramie seats heat very quickly and I have to put it on the lowest setting and that still is very warm. Great seats.”

It sounds like Longhorn definitely has a problem and he isn’t the only one. These are just a sampling of the complaints I have seen in similar threads. Lucky for Longhorn, his truck in new and under warranty so at least he can get it fixed on the company’s dime. It is still a hassle to have to take your truck in and lose time getting it serviced.

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Eve (not verified)    December 14, 2017 - 7:40PM

The longhorn isnt the only one. I have a 17 bighorn and the seats and steering wheel don't heat up hot. I also have a 17 pathfinder and the wheel and seats work so well I burn if I don't turn them off. I put my truck in for service twice for the wheel and seats. I get told they turn on and you can feel some warmth so they are working fine. I can't believe I paid extra for heated seats and steering if that's how they work. I work for a Chrysler dealer so I tested another truck and the wheel heated up better than mine but not hot like my Nissan. The seats sucked in the one I tested. I think Chrysler screwed up the heated seats and wheel in the Rams. People have said the Jeeps heat up real nice.

Nathan (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 12:59PM

2018 Laramie, heated and ventilated seats. The heated seats are so weak, they don't take the chill out of the leather. (10*f outside) The 17 we test drove worked fantastic. The only interior difference noted was the 18 had the aux switch & 5 seat option vs the 17 was the 6 seat without the aux switches.. I personally inspected the operation in our new 18 funding the seats were in fact getting voltage corresponding to high and low command. This leads me to believe that there is wattage difference between the years and possibly interior option. The owner's manual states, at initial request the seats will receive a boost to build the heat quicker and after a 4 min period they return to normal operation. After 60 mins on high they automatically switch to low and off after 90 min.

JEFF VAN DAM (not verified)    January 28, 2019 - 5:52PM

In reply to by Nathan (not verified)

My 2017 Ram 5500 Laramie seats and steering wheel is acting up. I had it scheduled to go to get reviewed now working. When driving the seats turn off, as in buttons turn off. I switch the display from radio back to controls on screen (2017 does not have the push buttons only radio controls) and the switches turn off. I turn them on and go back to radio then back to controls and they are off. Previously I had it in for a replacement power seat switch and advised heated seats acting up. Figured since batteries going dead would wait. This will be the second time for same problem. For what is worth the power seat switch stopped and would not work irregardless of how many times I would start it with remote, key, etc. Now everything is working so WTF

Troy (not verified)    December 27, 2017 - 10:21AM

I have a 2018 rebel. Steering wheel heats up fine. Seats, not so much. I cant tell if its me warming the seat or if it barely works but they suck

Gregg (not verified)    January 9, 2018 - 2:43PM

In reply to by Troy (not verified)

i Have a 2018 REBEL. The seats are the worst. They don't heat up. I have tried everything. I tried driver side low then high. I will use the remote start and go out in 1015 mins. nothing ice cold. I will double remote start 30mins long seats ice cold. Nothing works at warm seats. My Rebel has leather and won't never have gotten it if i knew the heated seats sucked so bad. I have older 2010 nissan which works perfectly. Those seats heat fine. I called the Dealer and the sales man said he has a 2018 Big Horn and his don't heat up well at all. I will bring mine into the dealer and have the service guy look them over, unsure what they can do if any but this is a joke. Ram should be ashamed to say they are heated.
Anyone have any real advice? i know sell it but its a lease i'm tied to it.

James (not verified)    March 11, 2018 - 11:01AM

I have 2018 Rebel and the seats also do not heat up. Had it in 2 times and they say it is within spec. I am taking it in a third time. It is not acceptable. Back barely gets warm and seat nothing.

Gregg (not verified)    March 11, 2018 - 9:00PM

In reply to by James (not verified)

A Follow up. I brought it back to the dealer.
They were nice and tried to help. They ordered new heaters and they did replace both sets. The result Not A Thing Changed. No increase in heat whatsoever. They are exactly the same. They don’t get warm or hot like many other cars I had. This is a joke. I also got the line that maybe a software update might help. Seriously. Try they are way way undersized and don’t heat up like they should. I hate it. I wouldn’t buy another one or lease if I knew this. At this point I have no options so I have to live with it. I know I sound like a baby or complaining but at 58k for a truck there is no excuse. Fix it or do something for RAM

David (not verified)    March 14, 2018 - 5:30PM

I have a 2018 ram sport 1500 with leather seats just purchased 3 weeks ago i am having the same problem the dealer replaced both sides and still no difference heating element does not go all the way to the front of the seat worst heated seat i have owned drove a hour and a half never had to take them off high could barely feel them

James (not verified)    April 9, 2018 - 3:48PM

I have a 2017 BigHorn with fabric seat covers. I have the same issue with my heated seats. I could leave them on high in summer and never know they are on. I'll be complaining to dealer next oil change. They are going to say nothing is wrong as my 2014 Ram had the same issue. I am going to stick my guns this time and demand a fix. We'll see how it goes.

Jennifer (not verified)    January 26, 2019 - 12:12PM

I have a 2017 Dodge 2500 and I am also in the same situation with my heated seats. I thought they did not work the day I drove the 64k truck off the lot. I had dealership look at the seats and since there is some type of warmth - its not considered broken. I did not think any heat was coming off the seat. Its an absolute joke that this is called heated seats. Leather sucks in MN without heated seats. This is not new technology Dodge.. Come on!

Sharon Eckler (not verified)    March 8, 2019 - 2:21PM

2016 Laramie same issue DOES NOT heat like it ONLY CRACK OF SEAT GETS WARM should or the full Azz of my small butt or even partial back thigh

Jeff Van Dam (not verified)    May 22, 2020 - 10:32AM

2017 Ram 5500 Laramie. At shop over 3x. Dealer "has exhausted all efforts to fix" Going after Mfg for latent defect. Final hit was right after Covid so.
Mfg is aware of problem and has no fix. Have to restart case.

Peter van Ball… (not verified)    May 4, 2021 - 2:31PM

2018 Ram 1500. Same issue heated seats
don't work, had the same issue with my 2014 Laramie. Service department will not admit that they don't work but instead will tell you that everything checks out. I like my Ram but the heated seats are hopeless.