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Ram fans react to the redesign of the 2019 Ram 1500

Not all diehard Ram fans are thrilled with the redesign of the 2019 Ram 1500. Some really like the new grille, others say it is not a bold enough change. Some owners are worried about the cost of maintaining the new mild-hybrid system.


One popular Ram forum already has five different threads detailing what Ram fans love and hate about the 2019 Ram 1500 that is headed to dealer showrooms in the coming months. Some fans are concerned about the new mild-hybrid system that will add torque to the powertrains.

Hybrid and Cost Concerns

TK1, from New Jersey, isn’t thrilled with the overall design but he is open-minded about the changes. “Looking forward to seeing this truck and hearing more about MPG figures with the mild hybrid system. From what I’ve seen so far it’s not as bold and distinct as what it’s replacing. I won’t go so far as to say it’s ugly but it’s far more bland than the 4th gen. They have done a phenomenal job with the interior in my opinion and this is saying a lot as I really like the interior on my 2016 BH. Tow capacity and payload capacity are right up there with the others.”

Knight likes many of the changes, “I guess we all are so used to the 4th gen shape that the styling kinda leaves bit of getting used to. But that all black Laramie is off the hook. Certainly better that what Chevy or Ford are bringing out to the market.” Knight says he thinks the hybrid may help sales. “Even the powertrain is a something revolutionary. No Turbocharging but this hybrid system should have the potential to be more economical than Ford's Ecoboost and the fact that they are still keeping the same HEMI is cool.
I for one think that Ram have done really well with this one.”

Scrap, from California, had hoped for a better design. “I think it looks pretty nice. The only small complaint is the painted panel between the bottom of the headlights and the top of the bumper corners. Seems like they should have done something more there with bumper and lights”.

AK is very concerned about the cost to main the hybrid portion of the powertrain. “I don't like it. I could just imagine that cost to maintain that system. Likely have to sell the house and the first born to replace the battery after warranty. Disappointed that Ram did nothing to up the power in the 5.7L.”

Size Matters

Hoax is worried about the change in size. “I read that the new 2019 RAM 1500 Crew Cab is 4 inches longer...? That means it will no longer fit (nicely) inside my garage, and I do try to park my $50K truck inside my garage overnight, for security reasons. I guess I will have to stick with my 2017 Crew Cab, and to me its size is perfect.”

Hoax isn’t the only one worried about the change in length. Larry, from Seattle, says the size could be a deal breaker. “I have to say I like it a lot. The increased towing and payload for a 1500 is fantastic, and I like the updates to the interior. The only drag for me is my current '17 fits in my garage with an inch or 2 to spare front and back. The new model is reported to be 4 inches longer...that won't fit for sure.”

To Grille or Not to Grille

Nut, from Tennessee, loves the change to the grille. “The Rebel grille on the new design looks a LOT better IMO. In fact, I'd probably go for that over the standard setup. They're showing red in the interior so perhaps a bit of color for 2019?”

Napa, from California, doesn’t like the new front end. “I prefer the grille on my 15 over that style.”

Like anything new, there are parts you may like and others you may not. Casper, from Virginia, says, “I like the return to horizontal fog lights. I don't like the badges on the hood.” Over the years however, Ram owners have found ways to remove badges they don’t like and change out lights to make them more functional or attractive.

Arod asks probably the most important question. “Any dealers have them in stock yet? I think it's ok, but I think it's one of those that it looks a lot better in person.” Arod is correct, every vehicle looks different in person. Color schemes can make some vehicles much more attractive or dynamic looking. Dealers won’t have the 2019 Ram 1500s on their lots until closer to the end of the first quarter.


Robert Piperno (not verified)    March 11, 2018 - 11:04AM

I don't like anything about it. I have owned four RAM trucks and at this point I will hold on to my 2015, maybe purchase a new 2018 and hope they drop this because of a hit to sales.

Rocco (not verified)    April 27, 2018 - 3:38PM

I don't like anything about it. UGLY AS SIN! It reminds me of a Chevy. It does not look bold enough. I will keep my Plain Jane 2014 Ram Quad 4 x 4 Hemi. THE END

Ben (not verified)    June 6, 2018 - 2:26PM

The 2019 Ram is the concept of someone who thinks the Toyota Tundra is King ... I am out / Done ... Ram or Dodge, you lost any respect I once had for your trucks! Keep letting the techies kill your company ...

Dan (not verified)    June 17, 2018 - 12:48AM

Thank goodness I had a chance to buy a 2018 the way I wanted it before it was too late! The new style is hideous! What are they thinking? Remember how they did the same thing to the Dakota? They killed that one with going to a hideous style change also. Sales are guaranteed to plummet. I can't count how many people I have talked to that said the same thing. I guarantee they will have to scramble and do something to restore this truck's appearance in the years to come. Where did all the great designers go?

Was-a-ram-fan (not verified)    August 1, 2018 - 10:47PM

Agree with all comments. New design doesn’t look nearly as good as my current 2016. Doesn’t even look like the same brand. Looks like a boring Chevy/Ford/Tundra mix. Ram trucks are supposed to look like mini semi trucks. That’s what makes them so tough looking.

And the length, why would you make it more difficult to fit in peoples’ garages? I hadn’t even bothered to check those specs (why bother checking specs if by looking at it I know I will never have one) but if that is accurate, that is just plain dumb.

Dear Ram/Dodge, who approved this change? Let’s make our vehicles less cool looking - yeah, that sounds like a good idea...

Bert Schmidt (not verified)    August 2, 2018 - 1:12PM

Horrible redesign! Been driving Rams for 20 years and will definitely hold on to my 2014 2500 and wife's 2014 1500! What were they thinking when they killed the "Big Rig" look for a sissy Chevy copy!

Richard kotz (not verified)    December 20, 2018 - 7:28AM

My lease is due on my 2016 dodge ram in January 2019 I am going to buy it out and wait to see if dodge will wake up and redesign this truck once again what a disappointment what happened did Dodgehire somebody from Ford to design this thing soccer mom truck looks like to me test drove it drives like a car got a feeling there is going to be a whole lot of these in the dealer lots by 2020 I guarantee it what a shame.

Ben (not verified)    December 28, 2018 - 12:49PM

The design engineers @ dodge are doubling down on stupid ... the rotary knob shift in the 1500 is the worst idea yet. When you have a battery or need to tow it, you have to remove a dash panel & mechanically shift it under the dash into neutral. This is the worst design ever. Next, this truck is becoming unsafe with 18 airbags making the cab obese limiting your visibility. Pillars, hood, doors ... everything is huge & bulky which makes the new ram unsafe. Being able to see with front airbags alone is safer because at least you can see what is coming at you. The 2500 & 3500 has an added level of stupidity ... it is the bulge hood that kills more front end visibility making this the most unsafe truck yet. 
You engineers @ dodge have made the most toxic masculine / feminized truck known to mankind yet & forgot about real utility (Utility defined as something that is for work, not soccer mom's or macho dues posing.) 
Dodge's new trucks are nothing more than cars with zero visibility & I will never  own another dodge / ram
as long as the metro's are designing them!

Richard kotz (not verified)    January 14, 2019 - 12:08PM

To dodge hire a designer from Ford I guarantee a two week paycheck .the lot will be full of these 2019 rams at the end of 2019 .when I see A 2019 ram on the road I never give it a second look whoever designed this truck should be fired soccer mom truck to me . I will wait for 2022 to see how much the TRX rebel cost it's a long way but worth it . Dodge get your head out of your ass and wake up .

Richard kotz (not verified)    January 14, 2019 - 12:14PM

Who designed this ram someone from Ford come on guys wake up looks like a soccer mom truck to me I will hold onto my 2016 and wait for the 2022 TRX rebel very disappointed. When I see a 2019 ram on the road I do not even give it a second look I just shake my head whoever designed this truck should be fired .guarantee the car dealers lot will be full of these end of 2019

Don (not verified)    February 11, 2019 - 7:40PM

To start off I don't hate the new RAM, but I sure don't love it either. The NEW '19 RAM mediocre looking truck in the competitive full size pick-up market. The old 4th generation's aggressive style was one of the great light truck design but start life as the '09 Dodge Ram and ended as the '19 RAM Classic. An 11 year run that happen because the styling was so popular. When a 4th gen. RAM is coming at you you could tell right away. It's was the most identifiable truck on the market and buyers kept it alive and FCA benefited greatly. I looked forward to the new RAM but was highly disappointed when it was revealed. I thought it might grow on me but it hasn't, and as they started to hit the highways my disapoitment has grown. The 5th generation RAM lacks identity and seems to take many styling cues from other trucks on the market. Next time you drive down the road or even just stand a watch traffic, what trucks is the most identifiable a distance? Not the new RAM. The odd looking side sheet metal changes on the truck in a way that more or less fails to please the eye. The 1500 badges on edge of the hood seem to be inspired by the ones on the Ford F-150. The rear doors have an upturn an the back of the along the bottom of the windows that I have seen on more then one truck already on the market. From the back it doesnt really look like anything else but it doesn't look good either. Six bolt wheel because other "half ton" trucks have them (yes 5 bolts are more then enough to hold the wheels on this class of truck) 5 spoke wheel just look better and only look right with 5 bolts. And the front, well if it wasn't obvious from most of the other angles that FCA thinks that their buyers want a Toyota then it should now. Maybe if the aftermarket makes a crossgrill it may help save this I'll conceived design. At lest the new RAM don't have the option "pig nose" that showed up on some of the last 4th gen Rams. Come to think of it I do hate the new RAM, not because it's ugly because it fails to look like a RAM and seem to want to please the people who don't like Mopars.

Marc (not verified)    April 24, 2019 - 3:27PM

I agree with so many others who said that the person responsible for this redesign should no longer be employed. Dodge has guaranteed that their dealerships will be hopelessly begging previous RAM buyers to come in and upgrade. It's good to see that so many agree with me and will be keeping their gen 4 RAMs until this redesign is phased out. (mine is a 2017 Rebel) This 2019 RAM, even the Rebel version, looks to me like a Toyota Tundra crossed with the old-man look of the Chevy Silverado. Truly a pitiful regression in the advancement of a great American brand...