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Ram and Jeep Release Sneak Peeks of SEMA Stunners

Ram and Jeep are two of the most popular displays at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, in Las Vegas. It appears Ram and Jeep have some special Mopar packages lined up for this year's November event.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, known as SEMA, is one of the most popular events in the automobile industry. It is the chance for enthusiasts to see the latest aftermarket products for all types of vehicles. Ram and Jeep have released five shadowy sketches of customized Ram 1500 and Jeep Wrangler vehicles that are expected to be major draws at this year’s show.

2021 Ram 1500 Customized with Mopar Accessories

From the two sketches released of 2021 Ram 1500s, it is clear that going off-roading and enjoying the great outdoors are major themes. The first sketch shows the Ram 1500 kicking up lots of dirt. Not only does the red dust cover the tires but it also covers the contrasting trim. Ram is spelled out on the diamond or honeycomb grille in a bright blue and the same color graces the towhooks. Ram is releasing very little information, only the sketches, with no description. Up until now, the blue color has been reserved for the electric or electrified versions. Could this be an electrified Ram?

Ram Rear View With Tent

The second Ram 1500 sketch shows a mighty truck from the rear. This vehicle has a Mopar plate and a step built into the back bumper. The truck has a specialized rack atop the truck bed and shows the Ram 4x4 out at a campsite, by a tent, in the mountains. The truck has a significant lift kit. It also has the Ram’s head logo on the tailgate.

Jeep Willys with Performance Parts 2021 SEMA2022 Jeeps Featuring Jeep Performance Parts

The most recognizable sketch shows what appears to be the 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys dressed up in Jeep Performance Parts that mix old with the new. The Willys trim gives the 2022 Wrangler a vintage look. The specialized front-end grille appears to play off the vintage theme, but this Wrangler has lots of new lighting made to look vintage.

Jeep Rubicon 2021 SEMA sketch

Another sketch shows a 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Rubicon with significant fender flares and lift kit with a large light mounted above the charging port. Again, the theme appears to be enjoying the great outdoors as the light on the 4xe is shining toward the Northern Lights in the night sky.

Jeep With Performance Parts 2021 SEMA

The last Jeep sketch shows what appears to be a Wrangler with tubular roll bars in the back and an unusual roof treatment with small windows or plastic panels in the roof.

Concepts of Future Custom Models

Typically, Ram and Jeep roll into SEMA with five or six Custom Concepts. Ram and Jeep then gauge how the different packages of custom Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts are received by enthusiasts and some of them end up as special, straight from the factory packages in the future. The concepts will be on display in the Ram and Jeep 15,345-square-foot exhibit in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.


The Specialty Equipment Market Association was founded in 1963. It represents the nearly $50 billion specialty automotive industry. There are thousands of different displays of everything from tires to windshield wipers. Nearly every big auto supplier is there. Several different automotive themed television shows will broadcast from there. The industry provides appearance, performance, comfort, convenience and technology products for passenger and recreational vehicles. Last year the show was held virtually because of COVID. For more information, visit or It is scheduled to run from Nov. 2-5, 2021.

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