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How to add Keyless Entry to a 2017 Ram 1500 Tradesman

The buyer of a 2017 Ram 1500 Tradesman reaches out to a popular forum to ask how he can add the convenient feature to his new truck. Several owners offer suggestions to get him the keyless entry he wants.

Keyless entry is one of the most popular features on vehicles these days. Once you get used to being able to just hop in your vehicle, it is hard to imagine going back to the old days. It is particularly popular on work vehicles. That is why a 2017 Ram 1500 Tradesman buyer was surprised that it wasn’t an available option.

Matt reached out to members of a popular Ram truck forum and asks, “So I'm told that the 2017 Tradesman doesn't come with keyless entry & the dealer ship can't install one any one else have this problem? Or any solution that won't cost an arm & a leg to get it done ?”

Vehicle may already have it

Byrd says that it isn’t always true. “Mine has it.” It is understandable that many of the Tradesman level trim vehicles may not have it because the Tradesman is the most affordable trim level so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

Devin says that it may still be enabled on the vehicle and just not set up. “Look at the window facts that was on the vehicle when you first got it (they should have given you a list as well when you got the truck) and it will list every feature that comes with your truck. My stealership didn’t give me one when I got mine, but once I looked at that paper I saw mine did have the keyless entry, so once I told the dealership that I found that on the feature list, they had no choice but to get me set up. I had to yell at the manager to do it and he tried to get me the cheapest one but none the less I got it. https://www.northamericanmotoring.co...vindecoder.php Here is a website for you to use, when you put in your vin it will tell you everything about your truck to the T.”

Easy option to add in the aftermarket

Bat tells Matt that it is an easy option to add. “Congrats on the new truck. Does it have power locks? If so, you can add keyless entry. I would try a different dealer, and if not, places like Best Buy, or other car audio/accessory shops can add them. Viper makes kits for pretty cheap.”

MegaCab says that he was in the same boat and got the feature added. “Mine did not have it. I was fed up with not having it after 1 day. So I got a Viper 2 way keyless entry and remote start for $300. Best thing I did to it. I live in Arizona. I remote start my truck 5 mins before I leave work. I get the response from the truck (2 way) so I know it's running, not hoping it started.”

Jimmy tells Matt that having the dealer add the remote start shouldn’t be expensive as long as the dealer is willing to do it. “Adding factory remote start to the 2017 is very easy and can be done for well under $200 (depending on how much for your dealer to add sales code).”

Massey agrees with Jimmy that it should be an easy addition. Many of the Ram owners suggested that Matt try another dealership, just to check. “You could always contact another dealer, give them your VIN and see if the first dealership was jerking your chain. Today's vehicles have a smart BCM which can usually be configured for many options, even adding what the factory didn't. Sometimes it's as simple as a WiTech link to the computer for a sales code add, and some new fobs programmed. No added equipment and no chance of a warranty issue.”

Matt believes the dealer just wanted him to go away. He thanked the other owners for their Viper keyless entry suggestions and is pleased with the deal he got. “Exactly, the dealer I bought the truck from said it couldn't be done . I think that was a nice way of say we don't want to be bothered with it because there's not enough $ in it for us . I already got a smoking deal on the truck & they ended up having to give me a upgrade tradesman. It has $1500 in upgrades for free to me . Come to find out the truck they sold me sight unseen form there sister dealer ship was sold. It was gun metal gray, they found the white one with upgrades after the papers were signed. So it all worked out in the end I got a nicer truck for no extra charge. The one upgrade it didn't have was keyless lol.”

It is good to know that you can add the keyless entry option later! It is a convenience that many truck owners love.

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