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Dodge Giving Away 25 Cars, Searching for Ambassador to Drive Free Hellcat

Dodge rolls out new two-year program and announces new contests for fans who love performance cars like the 2021 Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcats.

Dodge announced a new business plan with so much great news for muscle car lovers, it will make your head and wheels spin. The two-year plan is called ‘Never Lift’ as in ‘Never take your foot off the gas’. The plan starts with an eight-week program to give away 25 Dodge dream cars, like the 2021 Dodge Challenger or Charger SRT Hellcats. Dodge is also looking for one special ambassador that will win the use of a Hellcat for a year, earn $150,000 and be given the title of "Chief Donut Maker”. Dodge is promising to release new information every three months.

Watch Dodge’s News-Packed Announcement:

Dodge’s Never Lift Business Plan

Dodge is releasing a preview of sorts of all the things it plans to do over the next two years. It even has a calendar showing when some of the performance announcements will be made. Dodge has promised an electrified muscle car by 2024. According to Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer Tim Kuniskis, the company will be making announcements every three months, some will be major announcements, others will be smaller.

Never Lift Operation 25/8

Never Lift launches with a contest called Operation 25/8. Dodge intends to give away 25 dream cars over eight weeks. The full details of the giveaway will be released November 12, 2021. Operation 25/8 is looking for the performance enthusiasts that exemplify the spirit of the Dodge brothers who founded the brand. According to Dodge, they are looking for fans that go above and beyond 24 hours a day, seven days a week (going one more hour, one more day).

“The 25/8 dream-car giveaway will enlist the support of 25 superstars from the worlds of sports, music and automotive, with each offering muscle-car enthusiasts a chance to drive off with the new Dodge of their choosing. Amazon will also take part in the giveaway.”

“More than gas, more than batteries, what fuels our run to tomorrow is attitude, a belief that we can always push harder, run faster and flat-out over-deliver on behalf of the brand and the Brotherhood of Muscle,” said Kuniskis. “25/8 recognizes the spirit that makes Dodge, well, Dodge.”

Chief Donut Maker

Dodge will be providing more details about the Chief Donut Maker program on Jan. 12, 2022. Dodge is looking for a special fan to represent the muscle car brand. It has to be someone scrappy like the Dodge brothers.

“Never content to follow the trends, they were the seekers of a better, faster, more outrageous way of doing things,” said Kuniskis. “And we’re looking to hire someone just like them as an ambassador of Never Lift.”

Kuniskis says this new representative of the “Brotherhood of Muscle” will be given a Hellcat to drive, $150,000 salary, Dodge logo clothing and a business card that carries the title “Chief Donut Maker.”

Direct Connection Performance Parts

Direct Connection Parts to Return

Dodge is bringing back its Direct Connection performance parts brand as the exclusive source of the brand’s factory-backed performance parts. Direct Connection will sell Hellcat and Redeye “Tuner” and “Stage” kits. A Stage II kit can add nearly 100 additional horsepower. They are working on a Stage III kit to add even more horsepower. Most importantly, the kits will carry the factory-backed warranty and won’t violate state emissions rules.

“Dodge is a pure performance brand, and the reintroduction of Direct Connection will empower members of the brotherhood looking for increased performance without violating emission requirements or the factory warranty,” said Kuniskis. “We’re doubling down on our commitment to Direct Connection by pairing it with our new Dodge Power Brokers program, so when customers want to unlock the true horsepower potential of their Dodge muscle car, they can connect with a network of dealerships as their trusted resource.”

Dodge Power Brokers

Dodge Power Brokers

Dodge also announced that it will set up an elite dealer network called Dodge Power Brokers. Direct Connection parts will only be sold at a Power Brokers dealer. The people working at the Dodge Power Brokers dealers will be specially trained to provide customer service to buyers wanting performance parts and information. Only dealerships with a proven track record of delivering an elevated level of customer service are eligible for Dodge Power Brokers certification.

“Every Dodge dealer in the country will continue to provide an outstanding sales and service experience,” said Kuniskis. “But Dodge Power Brokers dealers will offer everything an enthusiast needs to reach the next level of performance.”

More information about the Direct Connection parts and the Power Brokers Dealers will be released December 15, 2021. Customers will also be able to purchase a vehicle with upgrades directly from a Dodge Power Brokers dealership, with the added benefit of maintaining the factory vehicle warranty when parts are installed by a Dodge Power Brokers dealer.

We’ll have much more information on all of the new Dodge initiatives as details are released.

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I am a 77 year old woman and I drive a 2012 Dodge Charger. I bought it in 2014 and I love it. I get great mileage and it still drives like a new one.
Please follow the link to enter their contest!
I'm 22 and I drive a 1994 dodge dakota. My dream is to have a dodge charger
Please enter their contest!
DODGE… there’s no other make of vehicle in my vocabulary….power, handling, reliability, dependability, safety, longevity…. The list goes on! So committed to and loyal to Dodge, I refused to let mine go during financial hardship, instead I worked harder to afford my beauty! Single mom of 2 and made sure my kids had Dodges as their first cars too! Proud owner of 2018 Dodge Challenger GT awd (purchased new) 2007 Dodge Charger (purchased used) and 2005 Dodge Dakota (purchased used)
You should enter their contest!
I used to have 2019 Dodge Challenger and would love to upgrade to a hellcat. The car was very nice and comfortable.
Please enter their contest!
There are no words that can explain how great the Hellcat is. I never loved a car before like this one. If I had one this would make my sad life a very happy one. This car is magic, the speed, and the freedom are unexplainable. It is like floating on air.
You should enter their contest!
I currently own a 2015 sxt white on black. I bought it brand new. Love the car! Currently I have installed upper and lower ported intake manifold with an 80mm T.B and an afe intake. I'm wanting to give my daughter my sxt and would love to proudly be an amdassador for your Challenger
Please go to their website and enter the contest!
I have been in love with Dodge forever. My whole family had Dodges. We had 3 Dodge Rams, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Caravan, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum and we still have 3 Dodges but if I had a Hellcat that is the top of the line and would make me the happiest Dodge owner.
Please enter their contest!
I'm living I irak !!!!??i know I need a miracle to win this lovely car !!!??but it is Christmas so I did
I have a broke down toyota pruis 2007 and I need a car
I’m begging you with all my heart I’ve been wanting a charger since I drove my moms I felt like a young king with beautiful car that I was in love with then I had to give the keys back I love this car man will do anything for it. My number can someone help me out ?
Beautiful car, would love to just drive one, but owning one would be a dream. Please consider me as your next ambassador in this programm. To have the luck to get picked would be something you won’t be sorry of as I would show everyone I know the car. Prefer red with flat black trim.
I just recently purchased a 2015 Dodge charger r/t I couldn't afford the SRT hellcat but I eat sleep and dream dodge idk if this 25/8 thing is still going on but I'd love to get chance at putting my dream car in the driveway il do whatever it takes just let me know I promise you won't be disappointed
I'm living in Iran ,I know in this time only a miracle can happen to be an ambassador in my country ??!!!and have a hellcat dodge !!??.... But I'm a peaceful man I need to be blessed and I keep hope ....thank you
I will drive anything to anywhere. I am a 59 Year old man that is retired and I have had heart surgery and would love to just drive it all over to advertise the Hellcat. I learned to drive from stunt's unlimited in the movie studios. Yeppers I can do lot's of doughnuts.
I have had a dodge since my very first vehicle,I love them,I would love to have a new vehicle I would drive a dodge minivan!
I am a big fan of dodge challenger. Me and my Californian wife living in U.K. and every time going back to U.K. our rental car is always Dodge Chalenger. We just love this car. Wish I could get one …. One day … keep making history Dodge !!!