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The All-New Ram Charger: It's Not What You Think

When Ram introduced its 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV truck concept at CES 2023, it also introduced a new plan for the Ram Charger. We look at why Ram Revolution fans should be excited.

When most people hear the words Ram Charger, they envision the old Dodge Ram Charger SUV that has the front end of a truck and the passenger area of an SUV. Dodge made the Ram Charger from 1974 until 1993. However, the name has new meaning in the age of BEVs. When Ram unveiled the Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept at CES 2023">2024 Ram 1500 Revolution Concept during the CES 2023, it also revealed new plans for the Ram Charger.

All-New Ram Charger

During Ram Brand CEO Mike Koval’s presentation at CES 2023, he outlined a new robot that will be available to make charging the electric pickup easier and faster. Its name is Ram Charger.

Ram is working on the robot charger with a company called EFI. Watch the Ram Charger demonstration.

Ram Promises to Upgrade the Electric Experience

When Ram announced it would enter the electric pickup race two years ago, it promised to watch the other auto companies and outdo them on every benchmark. It promised greater vehicle range, payload and performance. Better charging would greatly enhance the ownership experience. The all-new Ram Charger would play a key role in improving home charging.

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept can add up to 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes with 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 350 kW. The Ram Revolution would also have a range extender, something that the other electric pickups do not have, yet.

The Ram Charger robot would be part the Ram brand’s focus on providing consumers leading-edge advanced technology. Knowing that Ram owners want performance and convenience, the Ram Charger is designed to streamline the charging process and provide it almost autonomously. The new inductive robot charger, or Ram Charger, was also showcased at CES 2023. It is designed to make home charging as easy as possible. The robot detects the vehicle's presence and its charging needs, and automatically moves into position and aligns itself under the vehicle. Smart-charge capability will allow charging during off-peak time, providing more convenience and hopefully less expensive charging.

Charging Port is Also Available

While the Ram Charger robot would totally change the charging experience, the Ram Revolution will also keep the typical charging port so it can be charged using more conventional methods. The charge port illuminates and blinks while charging. An audible sound will signal it’s plugged in and charging has begun. The charge port features Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging on the top half and DC fast charging on the bottom half of the charger. It is unclear how many of the special charging features will be available when Ram launches an electric pickup in 2024. Ram intends to push past what the others are doing forcing a revolution in the marketplace.

Ram Photo and Video

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