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Two Brits Earn Honors From NEMPA

The New England Motor Press Association recently held their annual winter car of the year awards ceremony at MIT this week where a number of models were honored. Two of those models happen to be British.
Posted: June 2, 2016 - 8:35AM
Author: Will Maley

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The Jaguar F-Type walked away with NEMPA's Best in Class All-Weather Sports Car, and the Range Rover HSE took the Best in Class Premium SUV.

The F-Type might be an odd pick for an 'All-Weather Sports Car,' but Jaguar offers the F-Type with all-wheel drive for most of the engines on offer. Who wouldn't want to hear the snarl of the supercharged V6 or V8 as you're dashing along a snowy road? Plus, you'll be looking good while doing it thanks to the distinctive exterior.

The Range Rover HSE taking home the Best in Class Premium SUV should come as no surprise to anyone. Land Rover created the luxury SUV class when it launched the Range Rover back in the seventies and has continued to lead the class. First is Land Rover's clever four-wheel drive system that includes their Terrain Response system that alters various settings to get through various terrains such as deep snow. There is also an impressive range of engines including a supercharged V6, supercharged V8, and a turbodiesel V8. Finally comes one of most handsome and well-appointed interiors in the class.

The folks at WheelsTV have produced two videos talking about how these two British vehicles earned NEMPA's honors, which you can check out below.

Pic Credit: Jaguar Land Rover North America

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