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Successor for Jaguar XK Shown the Door

Jaguar had planned to launch a successor for the XK coupe and convertible after production ended in 2015. Now those plans have been shelved.
Posted: April 1, 2016 - 1:14PM
Author: Will Maley

Speaking with Car and Driver, Jaguar Land Rover North America CEO Joe Eberhardt said a replacement for the XK doesn't make since the company already has the F-Type SVR filling that space. Eberhaedt explained that XK's replacement would have been priced above the $125,000 mark which would limit its appeal. Not something Jaguar wants as they are trying to double their sales in the U.S. Also, Jaguar would have to compete in a crowded class of ultra-luxury coupes.

Jaguar ended production of the XK in late 2014 with special Final Fifty Edition model. Using the XKR as a base, Jaguar fitted a body kit, the hood from the XKR-RS, and 20-inch alloy wheels. The model was finished in black.

Rumors flying around last year had Jaguar mulling over a couple of ideas for an XK successor: Using the F-Type's platform and building a larger coupe or doing an XJ-Coupe. Jaguar's chief designer Ian Callum told Car and Driver last May that there were some options on the table, but a successor to the XK wasn't a priority.

Pic Credit: Jaguar