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Rumored: Kia Is Working On A Rear-Drive Sports Sedan

Posted: February 5, 2016 - 3:37PM
Author: Will Maley
While Hyundai is busy working on its upscale Genesis brand, Kia is trying to position itself as the youthful, sporty brand. What better way to set this image up than with a sports sedan?


Reuters has learned from two sources that Kia is working a rear-drive sports sedan. Codenamed CK, the sedan is expected to be around the size of a BMW 3-Series and will have three different engine options. No word if any of the engines would be turbocharged or not. The sources go on to say that Kia hopes to start production next May.

Why is Kia doing this?

Hyundai and Kia are trying to move from their cheap car roots to something more upmarket. As Hyundai takes the luxury route, Kia is setting itself up as the sporty brand.

"As Kia has no luxury brand, it is trying to position itself as a sporty brand," said a source.

Kia also hopes this sports sedan can also replicate the massive success of the Soul by being something a bit different.

"Kia hit a home run with the Soul - they figured out how to keep it fresh and fun. Apply this formula to a rear-wheel drive sedan and they might be able to go after a younger consumer who is bored with the played-out BMW 3-Series but wants to move out of their Soul they have had since college," said Dave Sullivan of AutoPacific.

Is the different than the four-door GT concept?

Very much so as the GT is about the size of a BMW 5-Series. We're expecting to see a production version debut at the Paris Motor Show in October.