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Mercedes Says A Maybach SUV is Possible

With the relaunch of the Maybach nameplate on the Mercedes-Maybach S600, talk has been swirling around the next vehicle.

The German luxury automaker has been hinting at a ultra-luxury SUV since the relaunch of Maybach. At the New York Auto Show, Mercedes' continued hinting at it.

“Could we do an SUV? I wouldn’t rule it out. I can’t see us doing it with the current platform, so if we would do it, it would have to be based on the next-generation platform,” said Mercedes-Benz board member Ola Källenius to Top Gear.

This makes sense as the ultra-luxury SUV marketplace is beginning to heat up with the likes of the Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini's upcoming Urus, and Rolls-Royce's Project Cullinan. Mercedes showing up with an old SUV platform to these competitors would be the equivalent of showing up to a gun fight with a dull knife.

“When we decided to relaunch Maybach, it was with a different playbook, if you will. It’s almost like we took a page out of the AMG playbook, but in a completely different corner of the portfolio," said Källenius.

The most likely candidate for the Maybach transformation would likely be the next-generation GLS SUV. We don't know when Mercedes will be introducing a new one at this time.

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