S-Class Customization

How to Transform Your Old Mercedes-Benz S-Class Into A New One

Say you are the owner of the last-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221) and you want the new one (W222). One problem, you don't have the cash to get one. Even you decide to trade it in, you still won't have enough money. What do you do?

There is a garage in Ukraine that specializes in transforming older Mercedes-Benz models into new ones. How is that possible? According to Englishrussia.com, the garage swaps the body panels and other exterior components from the W222 model onto the W221. Now the interior is left alone, most likely it would require a lot of technical knowledge of swapping the various electronic components from the W222.

As CarScoops notes, the garage where the transformation takes place isn't up to the same caliber as some custom shops such as West Coast Customs. We would go further and say some shadetree mechanics' workshops look like the Taj Mahal when compared to this. But the end result is impressive. You wouldn't know this is an older S-Class unless you take a look inside.

Would you be willing to take the plunge to changeover an old S-Class to a new one?

Pic Credit: Englishrussia.com

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hello , i have an s class 2006 and i need to make it 2015 so how can i make it ? and can i buy from you the kit to make it in my country
Hi i have s class 2013 and i wont modelw222 how match