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How To Tow Train Cars By Land Rover

How do you demonstrate the towing capabilities of a vehicle to the extreme? If you are Land Rover, you use train cars.
Posted: June 20, 2016 - 10:12AM
Author: Will Maley

To show off how much capability Land Rover's 2.0L Ingenium four-cylinder diesel has, Land Rover called the folks at Aquarius Railroad Technologies to fit a Discovery Sport with a set rail wheels and hook it up to three luxury train carriages. Each carriage weighs about 39.7 tons, making for a total weight of 119 tons. The Discovery Sport with the 2.0L Ingenium four-cylinder diesel is only rated at a max of 2.75 tons (5,500 pounds). Seems like a big ask for this SUV to pull off. But as the video shows, the Discovery Sport is able to do it.

Now it should be noted that Land Rover has done this stunt before. Back in 1989 with the first-generation Discovery, Land Rover was able to pull a set of trains in Plymouth, UK.

We recommend checking out the video to see for yourself a Discovery Sport acting as a train engine.

Pic Credit: Land Rover's YouTube