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Good News! Jaguar XF Sportbrake Coming To the U.S.

It was only a couple weeks ago that Jaguar announced that the XF Sportbrake was making a return performance. But there is more news on the Sportbrake.
Posted: October 10, 2016 - 4:16PM
Author: Will Maley

Motor Trend had the chance to speak with Jaguar Land Rover's North American president and CEO, Joe Eberhardt during the Paris Motor Show. Eberhardt revealed that the decision was made to sell the second-generation XF Sportbrake in the U.S. It is unknown when the Sportbrake will arrive, but we do know it will debut at an auto show next year. Which one it will be is anyone's guess.

So, XF Sportbrake is basically an XF with a longer roof?

Basically. As we reported back in September, the XF Sportbrake will retain a number of cues from the XF sedan. The longer roofline should solve one of the biggest issues found in the sedan, the lack of headroom. Engines will likely match up with the sedan - 2.0L turbodiesel-four and 3.0L supercharged V6 in two states of tune. Expect rear and all-wheel drive drivetrains to be on offer as well.

Pic Credit: Jaguar