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Ferrari Adds Turbos and Drops Two Driven Wheels for GTC4Lusso

Even though Ferrari made a number of changes the GTC4Lusso (formally known as the FF) earlier this year, they still had a few more things up their sleeve.
Posted: October 3, 2016 - 9:17AM
Author: Will Maley


Last week at the Paris Motor Show, Ferrari introduced the GTC4Lusso T. The 'T' is important as it means the Lusso now features turbocharging. No, Ferrari did not strap a turbo to the 6.2L V12 engine. Instead, the engine in question is an evolution of the found the in the 488 GTB; a twin-turbo 3.9L V8 producing 610 horsepower and 561 pound-feet. 0-62 mph takes 3.5 seconds (a tenth of a second slower than the V12). Top speed is said to above 199 mph.

The GTC4Lusso T also loses the all-wheel drive system from the V12 model. This helps drop weight by 110 pounds to 3,836. It will retain the four-wheel steering found in the standard GTC4Lusso.

The GTC4Lusso T will likely be the low-cost option for the GTC4Lusso (we know, oxymoron). Pricing and when you can place your order for one will be announced at a later date.

Pic Credit: Newspress