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Why Hyundai Should Build an All-Electric Veloster EV As The Best Way To Improve It

What would make the Hyundai Veloster a better car? Well, its engine is small, its gas mileage is 28 or so and slightly better on the highway. What would make it better? Let's look at all-electric Hyundai Veloster possibility.

Let's look at the positives of the car first. The car is cute, its fun to drive, it has a spunky design and accelerates around 6 seconds to 60. I think my Nissan Leaf pulled the same kind of numbers so I think that is a reasonable pickup for modest prices hatchback. The other benefit is the hatchback itself. Put in some luggage and groceries and go to your favorite place for a quick getaway. What could be better?

How about a new engine and drive train? How about a faster zero to 60 mph time? Well, would you want to put a larger gasoline engine in the car to make it heavier and quicker or leave it the same with its slightly higher than average fuel economy?

Hyundai Veloster EV Would Be The Best Improvement

The best way to improve the performance of the Veloster would be by making an all-electric version. The Smart car has two versions, a gasser, and an electric one. If you have a chance, go and test drive the both and see which on you like the best. Put the pedal down and see how each car performs. Both are Smart cars but powered with two very different sources of energy. Gas vs Electric.

As the EV reporter here at Torque News, I cover all cars with a plug and I would like nothing more than to see the Veloster as an EV. The simple thing to do would be to replace the gas engine with an electric motor add in 35 kWh or batteries and give the car at least 100 miles of range. I’m thinking if they added 100kwh you would have a real powerhouse on your hands with a 300 plug mile range car. Whether or not they would fit is another story but the opportunity would present itself well. If you search for RocketMaker10000 on Youtube, you can see all the steps that it took me to take my old Hyundai Tiburon 2003 version and make it into a fully electric car in 2008 before I had access to Lithium batteries. The car is no more but that is another story altogether.

Needless to say, I drove that EV for a few years until I got a hold of a Nissan Leaf. Therefore I have experience in saying that a Hyundai hatchback is a great foundation to start making into a fully functional EV.

With a properly programmed controller and properly equipped electric motor, the small and light size of the Veloster would be quicker off the line and deliver exceptional range if the battery pack is sized right.

Kia came out with the Soul EV. I have written about that car before and if you can find one, I recommend it. I have not had a chance to drive it as my local dealer hasn’t actually stocked the car.

Better yet, couldn’t every car company start to make a version of every single gas car that would come in a minimum of a 300-mile range version of the same car for the same price! Now wouldn’t that be a great opportunity? See the list of electric cars that came to the 2017 NY Auto Show with their range issues.

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