2017 Hyundai Veloster

The Best And Worst Reviews Of The 2017 Hyundai Veloster

When it comes to reviews of the Hyundai Veloster the conclusions can be a mixed bag of nuts ranging from totally loving the car to lukewarm reactions, depending on what you prioritise. Here I recompile a range of reviews so you can make up your own mind for if you want to take the plunge with the Veloster in 2017.

The Hyundai Veloster has been around for a few years now, first produced in 2011 to take over from the Hyundai Tiburon. The quirkiness of its door configuration and styling appealed to many but the 1.6L four-cylinder engine with 138 HP didn't always cut the mustard. Now the range has been extended from the base model with the Turbo R-Spec, Turbo and Rally Edition which each have 201 HP each. The base model has a six speed manual transmission or optional 6 speed EcoShift dual clutch (DCT), with the Turbo R-Spec and Rally Edition having a B&M Racing sport shifter and the Turbo model having an optional 6 speed dual clutch transmission. The base model starts at $18,000, the Turbo R-Spec at $21,600, the Turbo at $22,600 and the Rally Edition $23,950.

2017 Hyundai Veloster Exterior Layout
There doesn't seem to be many dissenters when it comes to the styling and unique door layout of the Veloster. Thecarconnection.com say the design is, 'A cohesive design like no other,' with Edmunds saying the, 'Three-door styling is unusual and distinctive.' The door on the drivers side and the two passenger doors seem hard to compare with any of its competitors and in general, it seems that most are happy with the looks especially the improved rear access. This means that the sporty looks and clever third door seems universally appealing.

About The Interior of 2017 Hyundai Veloster
The interior of the Veloster seem to be where the mixed review start to come in. One review from a Car News video politely says that the interior, although quite spacious upfront is in the back, 'more playful than practical.' Usnews http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/Hyundai_Veloster/#full-review simply say it is a, 'Cramped Cabin' with the interior materials being, 'hit or miss.' The Kelly Blue Book echoes this by saying, 'The 2016 Hyundai Veloster coupe isn’t big on back-seat space.' Another review says that although there is ample legroom, The rear seat cushions are too low and the headroom in the rear is limited by the sloping roof. However, it seems that the Veloster's other features win out in the end when it comes to the decision to buy.

Most say that the interior of the Veloster is typically Hyundai, with a base model being straightforward and the higher up models getting that bit extra. One comments of the interior, says the interior has a good mix of materials with no glaring flaws, with one saying that the 2017 model has a cockpit that is more driver orientated and has a better console than previous editions. One review is not too keen on the interior, saying that the materials are a bit hit or miss with surfaces being soft to the touch and fitted with texturising plastics. Maybe not a positive or negative, as you'll have to climb up in the range like any vehicle to get those extra goodies. Most do say that the Veloster is very well equipped for the money, even in the base model. Most seem to like the infotainment system which is accessible when driving and Hyundai's Blue Link system being a great benefit. Kbb says about the interior, 'The Veloster's interior is as tasteful as it is high-tech,' and 'the base Veloster has cloth seats and less flash, but is still nicely appointed.'
You can opt for Style and Technology packages if the standard equipment is not everything you want.

Engine, drive and handling
The base model with a 1.6L and 132hp seems to win over more in the economy stakes but doesn't win over many for performance. This seemed to be the initial criticism of the base model car. Those wanting more punch to the engine need to get the higher spec models. Before the turbo versions, this seemed to be the biggest downside to the car, with one also saying the dual clutch could also use refinement. However, the turbo versions get higher praise. Auto Trader say the Turbo is both fun to drive and remarkably affordable as well as undercutting the price of some of its competitors. Autoweek.com said the power is punchy and is plenty quick, as well as sounding good.

The proof of the pudding is usually in customer feedback and this seems to be positive in general. Autoblog.com user comments say that in one case 'the thrust of this small car is breath taking.' But whatcar.com says about the ride and handling as being quick to respond to steering inputs and staying flat through the corners, but is uncomfortable at low speeds. Caranddriver.com say the Turbo and the Rally Edition are not as good as some of its rivals, but it is, 'an entirely competent small car with punchy power and eye-catching looks.'

If you want more performance the general consensus seems to be to go for the higher models but in general, most say that the Veloster is a great all-rounder, maybe not to the performance of its competitors, but considering what you get the money still a worthwhile buy.

The turbo versions of the Veloster seem to be keeping up the name until Hyundai update the line, but the main takeaway is that the Veloster still has alot to offer for the money throughout the line. You might get more performance from some of the competitors, but it seems that the Veloster is still holding its own as a good all-rounder. The Veloster doesn't get any downright negative reviews apart from the cramped rear, but it's quirky looks, accessibility and choices through the range, along with value for money are still holding up.

Do you agree with the points above? Comment below with your feedback on the 2017 Veloster.

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