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Why would I buy a Jaguar today

Can the Jaguar win you over with its new car lineup and award winning excellence or are you not brand loyal?

Jaguar is trying to capture the iconic heritage they had back in the day but the market has changed and it has become harder to find your niche today. How far is Jaguar willing to go to bring back the passion in buyer’s hearts to want to buy another Jaguar or even their first one? They have a great lineup of cars, they have won recent awards, a catchy new slogan “Its Good to Be Bad”, and some trendy new video marketing, but is that enough to bring buyers into the showrooms?

The car market today is not what it was even 10 years ago and I feel like a big factor is consumers are more cautious where they choose to spend their money for a car. The luxury car market is an even tougher playing field because of the economy. The good news is car manufactures are having to step up their game to reach the average consumer today.

Over the last two or three years Jaguar has launched a vehicle lineup that offers something for everybody (top to bottom). They have entry level daily drivers covered with the XF Sedan and all the way up to the flagship 2015 Jaguar XJR reviewed here. Even the upcoming 2016 XE Compact Sports Sedan should carve its way into the market nicely.

What thoughts do you have when I say Jaguar? Would you bring up quality issues from past vehicles, would you talk about the cost of the vehicles, or high service cost might be a topic you bring up. Whatever negative thoughts you may or may not have Jaguar is looking to change your opinion of the brand and remind you of these things; Build, Craftsmanship, higher standard of quality, regained reputation, excellence of their service departments, and overall experience at the dealership.

Jaguar has put an extensive amount of time and focused efforts in building repeat customers who appreciate the vehicles they are offering in today’s car market and they are poised to change our way of thinking when we consider the British car maker for our next purchase. Just look at their recent awards and accolades and see if you agree with me that Jaguar is back and here to stay.

Recently Jaguar was named the Best British Luxury Brand at the very prestigious Walpole British Luxury Awards event in London. The XF and XJ models were also honored at the inaugural Telegraph Motoring Awards, the XF won as Best Executive Car and the XJ was named Best Luxury Car even in the midst of more expensive competitors. The Jaguar XF also won “Best Executive Car” award for the fifth consecutive year at the Diesel Car’s 2013 Car of the Year Awards.

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To answer the question I posed in the title, I would buy a Jaguar because they have peaked my interest with the styling and won me over with performance after I drove a few of their new cars. When you factor in the award winning quality and excellent reputation, you have to decide if you are ready to give Jaguar a new look or if you want to return to a brand from your past. I predict you will like what you see and love the way the new Jaguar’s drive.


Mark Wheeler (not verified)    November 16, 2014 - 8:32AM

I completely agree with you regarding the styling and the experiential impact of the car. The F-Type has elevated the benchmark above the comparable German brands including Porsche. Perhaps the new TT offers an element of that feel good factor with its advanced new dashboard. Where Jaguar falls down based on my 15 months of F-Type ownership is the customer care experience. Here they remain stubbornly stuck in the bad old days. My vehicle has been in the shop for 4-5 weeks remedying various issues. Sophisticated cars often have issues, however the measure of satisfaction can be assessed by how well you are looked after or not when issues occur. Here is where there remains room for improvement both with the dealer network and even more so Jaguar themselves.

Joseph (not verified)    November 16, 2014 - 8:07PM

In reply to by Mark Wheeler (not verified)

Thanks.....Yes sir, the other brands should be worried that the F-Type will cut into their market share! But you are correct, the quickest way to lose you customers is to not take of them properly, the man who buys a car like this expects to be treated with respect and at a higher level than your average dealership....the service department is a vital part of the relationship that the customer has entered into when he or she buys a car. To quote a successful business man Sam Walton "The customer is always right".........he did pretty well with the philosophy when he was running Wal-Mart!

Joseph (not verified)    November 30, 2014 - 6:41PM

Sale of the new F-Types are up, but would you buy another model?? Like the XJ, XF, or XK?? Why or why not??