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Jay Leno and his 1963 Jaguar XKE’s (Part 1)

Jaguar has its own section in Jay Leno’s garage and he is proud to show it off. Is the 1963 all-original and stock XKE his favorite or is it his heavily modified 63 XKE convertible?

According to Jay he says he is a huge Jaguar fan and has several classics including a 1954 XK-120 (which he has owned at least 30 years and is heavily modified), 1954 XK-120 M Coupe, and a couple of 1963 XKE’s. One of his 63 XKE’s is heavily modified with lots of trick stuff. It has a Series II front end and a V12 engine (we will feature it in part two) and the other is an all-original unrestored Coupe.

His 100% original and unrestored ‘63 XKE (3.8 liter) Series I Coupe was purchased by Jay from the original owner and in perfect running order including the original clock. I’d say after 50 years it is totally amazing that it’s still working; they just don’t make stuff like this anymore! He basically had his mechanics freshen the car up by removing gauges and other components to check them out and do minor servicing. He said the paint was even 80-90% original with only very few touch ups. Even the chrome on this car was all original and only required cleaning.

The entire engine/engine bay only needed fluids replaced and a tune up. The classic British sports car was just too original to do much more than just clean up some of the surface rust and a little polishing. The interior was original and only needed cleaning, however he did remove and refinish the original steering wheel. All of the leather and brushed aluminum inside was original and was in incredible condition for its age.

Jay describes his car as a wonderful driving car even up to 125 mph and says that it may be better than the classic Aston Martin at approximately half the cost. He goes on to say, as most of the loyal fans have said, don’t try to hop these cars up and perform unnecessary modifications. He suggests that these iconic cars be left as they are and if one of these XKE’s are restored, do it back to the original specifications.

YouTube Video of this car here:

Jay says many times as he is talking of his XKE’s that it was and still is one sexy car and listening to him describe all the classic and iconic features makes you want to buy one and go driving. From the classic wooden steering wheel to the vintage original 4 speed gear box, it’s just the way a car was supposed to be built. He also says that these cars are still a bargain and should be snatched up before the market gets crazy for these Vintage XKE’s…..but just wait till you hear about his stock-looking (but modified) ‘63 XKE Convertible! Stay tuned for part two…

Photo courtesy of Jay Leno’s Garage