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Jaguar topped survey of UK owners

After considering the opinions of over 15,000 UK car owners how did Jaguar end up on top? The XF is the best-selling model and makes no apologies for its looks.

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Britain’s popular car buyers website What Car? and JD Power rated Jaguar as 2014/15 Best Manufacturer. Jim Holder (Editor-in-Chief) said “It’s great to see a Jaguar car rated so highly by customers in the company’s home market. The XF is Jaguar’s best-selling model and it’s easy to see why – customers gave excellent ratings across styling, comfort, and reliability”.

High ratings in the areas of styling, comfort, reliability, insurance cost, and dealer facilities helped them attain the Best Brand title. Jaguar’s XF ranked 10th in the survey and was one of the highly rated cars in the executive class. Jaguar continues to impress the automotive press, critics, social media groups, and internet forums as well.

Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director Jeremy Hicks said “I am extremely proud of the design, engineering, and manufacturing teams at Jaguar, for producing a range of cars that our customers adore. And I am delighted that Jaguar UK dealer network consistently delivers a service to our customers that means owning a Jaguar is enjoyable as it is to drive one”.

“For Jaguar [to] be placed at the top of the What Car? / J.D. Power survey results for the third year in a row is a huge honor – With a number of exciting new product launches in our plans, we look forward to bringing the Jaguar ownership experience to a whole range of new customers”.

Another one of J.D. Power surveys is the Initial Quality Study, which is a good gauge of new buyers. Jaguar placed 2nd behind Porsche in 2014 among premium brands. Among consumers, this is one of the most anticipated surveys because it’s a great indicator of the trend of satisfaction with each brand. Automakers dream of ranking high on this one and Jaguar is proud of this score because it speaks volumes about what todays buyers are saying. Customer satisfaction is so important to automakers today that they have a team of specialists who are assigned to keeping track feedback from consumers and studying trends. Any improvement in customers’ experience can help them better manage any problem areas.

With internet and social media savvy consumers it’s easy to either praise or criticize a brand so automakers must stay on top of their game to ensure the customer is satisfied with the new car experience. This encompasses everything from the dealership, the reliability of the vehicle, all the way to service department and how they are treated during the entire process.

Jaguar uses the slogan Alive to describe their brand and they listen to the echoes of their past success - technology, performance, and design…..the very DNA of what made Jaguar the iconic brand it is today.

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