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Jaguar- Stalking its prey

The male lion (king of the jungle) marks his territory and defends it with ferocious aggression. Jaguar instills fear into their competitors and roars like a lion if they feel any threat on the streets.


The smoke rolls as the tires begin to break traction, the camera pulls away to reveal a red Jaguar XFR-S about to lay some rubber down. As the tires catch, the car speeds away like a bullet from a gun, but the use of multiple high-speed cameras capture the shiny red Jaguar in some stunning actions shots.

Jaguar has always brought the consumers some of the best action TV commercials to promote their brand. The commercial I’m describing above has been out a while but I had never seen it until this weekend and its worth watching. First they ask you to “Fuel Your Passion”, and then they invite you to “Drive Your Desire”, and as if they needed to tell you, they remind you to “Awaken Your Senses”. The professional driver behind the wheel demonstrates what the car is capable of as he lays down twin black stripes as he drifts the car at will.

You can see that the car has laid lots of black tires marks along the pavement, but only as the camera pans back does it reveal the design left under the smoke. The leaping Jaguar known as “Leaper” is visible and the graphic says “Mark Your Territory” and that’s exactly what the new owner will do each time he hits the road in this XFR-S.

Take a look at this video from Jaguar…it will most assuredly “Awaken Your Senses”:

A male lion watches cautiously and does not allow any other animals into his territorial boundaries, and will dominate and promote fear in others so that their Pride is protected and thriving. Jaguar is like a roaring lion and the big cat is ready to make their presence known among its competitors. In case you are wondering just how much power the XFR-S is packing in its roar, let’s look at the stats of one of the most powerful Jaguar sports sedan ever produced;

The 2015 Jaguar XFR-S:

  • 0 – 60 mph = 4.4 seconds, Top Speed 186 mph
  • 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged engine
  • 550 horsepower, 502 lb-ft torque
  • ZF 8-speed automatic transmission
  • EPA Highway Est. 23 mpg
  • MSRP from $99,000