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Want a Tesla Model S convertible? No problem, says Newport Convertible Engineering

Tesla’s Model S is already a highly desirable and expensive vehicle. If it’s not exactly what you’re looking for and you have a lot of extra cash to burn, Newport Convertible Engineering can help.

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Newport Convertible Engineering is an original design manufacturer that converts prestigious cars into convertibles for its wealthy clients. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA, the company also has facilities in Barcelona and Dubai. The company’s initial Tesla Model S option unveiled in April was a four-door convertible, and now it is also offering two-door coupe and convertible conversions.

A Chinese investor has already purchased 100 Model S four-door convertibles, which will go into production this July. Another (or perhaps the same) Chinese investor has also pre-ordered 100 Model S coupes and 100 Model S two-door convertibles. NCE says it will make 600 of each two-door version worldwide starting this fall.

NCE had hoped to acquire 5,000 vehicles from Tesla to meet worldwide convertible demand, but due to Tesla’s difficulty meeting its own demand that was never realistically going to happen. Instead NCE is recommending that potential customers purchase their vehicles from Tesla and ship them to its Huntington Beach facility.

In case you are wondering just how much one of these conversions will set you back in addition to the cost of the vehicle itself, here are the numbers from the company’s website:

Model S four-door soft top convertible: $29,000
Model S four-door hard top convertible: $49,000
Model S two-door coupe: $35,000
Model S two-door soft top convertible: $25,000
Model S two-door hard top convertible: $45,000

Conversions such as these naturally lead to concerns about stiffness, crashworthiness, wind noise, et cetera. Not to fear, says NCE; the company has been doing convertible conversions for 30 years and has established itself as the leader in this admittedly small industry. It offers a 5-year warranty to inspire confidence in its work.

NCE is also very impressed with the construction of Tesla’s sedan, its chief engineer calling the Model S chassis “one of the best he has ever worked on.”

For those who have everything and just wish they could put the top down on their Model S, Newport Convertible Engineering is the company for the job. Admittedly, it looks pretty nice, though a little too Saab-like for our taste. What do you think?

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