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What 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime Owners Think About Toyota’s Connected Services

Toyota offers a lot of services available on newer cars like the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime. How Do owners feel about them?


Unless you’re one of the many Americans who buy a car, they cannot really afford, you probably match the type of car you drive. After reading a whole bunch of reddit posts and surfing through Facebook, I have come up with 2 stereotypes of people who drive a 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime. If this does not describe you, let’s just say you’re special.

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So, if you drive a 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime, you are either an environmental activist who wishes to save the world but really doesn’t like Tesla or EVs, or you are a family man or women with kids who live in the suburbs and take a trip to the beach once or twice a year. Those are two completely different people, yet they share one thing in common…they are both financially stable. Now I am not the type to judge someone but if you are financially stable and can truly afford a 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime, you probably also like “extra services.” I define an extra service as something that is available for a product you buy but it costs just a little bit more to enjoy that. Things like Sirius XM or the Spotify Car Stereo.

What Do 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime Owners Think About Toyota’s Connected Services

With that being said, a recent Facebook post showed just how these “affluent” owners of the RAV4 Prime really feel about these extra services which Toyota calls its “connected services.” Kind of like GM’s OnStar but better. On Facebook’s Official Toyota RAV4 Prime group, Ken Roney said, “What do you think about the Connected Services offered by Toyota (Safety connect, remote connect, dynamic navigation, service connect, destination connect, wi-fi connect, etc.) that come with free trials?” Before we get into what owners said, I personally think all of it is just another way for Toyota to get a hold of your pockets. About 90% of these services can be offered for free through your phone.

Paul Prose said, “I renewed the safety connect so that in case my car is stolen the police can use it to locate my car.” Now these are all monthly prices so if you pay for 3 years’ worth of these services, you’ll only use it once because it would be highly unlikely you get your car stolen once per month.

Anthony Hsu said, “Safety connect works best - even if I am driving defensively, getting knocked unconscious is possible and minutes matter during the golden hour of trauma.” He has a great point. I can see now why almost every modern GM car owner has OnStar installed in their vehicle. It also seems that Safety connect is probably one of the more popular of the portfolio of services. Now if you want to ascertain your reasoning for renewing these services, ask yourself this one question. Do I have something cheaper that I can use instead? Because like I said above, 90% of these services are available for free on your phone if you have a good data plan.

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What do you think? Would you get these services? Let us know in the comments below.

Harutiun Hareyan is reporting Toyota news at Torque News. His automotive interests and vast experience test-riding new cars give his stories a sense of authenticity and unique insights. Follow Harutiun on Twitter at @HareyanHarutiun and on YouTube at Toyota Time for daily Toyota news.


Fred (not verified)    July 27, 2022 - 4:53PM

I think it's a shame that Toyota is charging $10.50 a month (in Canada) to keep each service. Total money grab in my opinion. When you are paying the kind of money we are paying to own a Prime, these should be included for as long as you own the car.

The article mentions "90% of these services are available for free on your phone." I'd like to know what these are because I have a good data plan and would use them, especially if there is one for remote start. That is the only one I pay for because I want to start my car remotely year round.

Jpb (not verified)    July 29, 2022 - 3:53PM

I own a prime, and i didn't even bother buying any of the services, wish it just came with the purchase price of the car. I am all about saving a buck, nothing to do with the environment.

Roman (not verified)    July 29, 2022 - 11:17PM

Agreed! The vehicle is great but those added services are basically in my phone. I won’t renew after my trial period.

Fred (not verified)    August 1, 2022 - 1:02AM

In reply to by Roman (not verified)

The only service I kept is Remote Connect which starts my vehicle sets the climate control, locks/unlocks doors etc. Tell me if your phone can do these things without subscribing to the service.

JT2QUICK (not verified)    July 30, 2022 - 12:10AM

Seriously? The two years that it's free....Great! Renew? Society is slowly relying too much on tech. Understandable, AI, connected services, oil and tires rotation, etc.. don't have to be super smart... But learn a few things yourself so you're not totally dependant on those things. Life360 locator app is free with an SOS feature. The steering wheel locking club doubles as vehicle protection and personal protection, EZ oil drain plugs makes changing oil... Easy peasy. The point is. No one will take care of yourself, better than yourself. Use that extra money to better yourself.

Take care, stay safe and don't take this... The wrong way.

Ben w. (not verified)    July 30, 2022 - 12:14AM

Too bad Toyota isn't investing that money in their mobile app. Its the clunkiest app I have used in a long time.

Randy (not verified)    July 30, 2022 - 6:33AM

Toyota safety connect is a poorly written application with minimal functionality for SE model owners. I wouldn’t pay $5 month for it.