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2023 Toyota GR Corolla’s Core Trim Packages Give Sporty Hot Hatch Some Comfort

Last week Toyota debuted their 2023 GR Corolla with 2 announced trim levels. These packages give the base model better handling and comfort.


As a hot hatch fan, I was very excited to see the live debut of the 2023 GR Corolla. With the sporty looks and wide fenders, it was as if GR themselves took a Rembrandt painting and sculpted it into a beautiful, stylish, and sporty hot hatch.

Toyota released two trim models for the 2023 GR Crolla..the Core Model and the circuit Edition.

The Core Model will be available by the end of this year, which is Toyota's base model. The Circuit Edition, with upgraded fenders and a new color, will be available next year. So far, these are the only two confirmed trims that we have for the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla.

However, today Torque news learned that there will be 3 packages available for the Core Model. These include the Performance Package, the Technology Package, and the Cold Weather Package

2023 Toyota GR Corolla Core Trims

  • Performance Package
  • Technology Package
  • Cold Weather Package

In this report, we will cover the independent attributes each package of the 2023 GR Corolla Core Model gives. While prices for these packages are not available, we can expect to see them when the official price for the U.S is released in the coming months.

2023 Toyota GR Corolla’s Core Trim Packages Give Sporty Hot Hatch Some Comfort.

According to our information, the Performance Package of the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla will include Torsen Limited slip differentials in the front and rear since this is an AWD car. This means that the Core Model will be able to split power between the wheels more effectively which would give better handling on the track. However, a four-wheel-drive open differential is standard without the package.

The Technology Package of the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla will include “Premium audio with dynamic navigation and JBL w/clari-fi, and QI compatible wireless smartphone charging.” This is the multi-media system most newer Toyota models have been using so if you have a newer Toyota model, expect to see some of those technologies in the GR Corolla. Although this will probably add a little weight to the car, I don’t expect to see any performance changes with this added package.

Finally, we have the Cold Weather Package for all our enthusiasts up north. Is the Northern United States and Canada weather making your seat ice cold? Not to worry, you can opt to get the cold weather package and get heated seats and a heated steering wheel. My father once test drove the new BMW M4 which had a heated steering wheel and quite frankly, I liked it. Sometimes in the mornings, it gets really cold in South Carolina so when we turned on the heated steering wheel, it was like a huge round HotHands packet in our hands. I am glad Toyota added this option to the cold weather package of the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla because I expect to see a lot of GR Corolla drivers who live in snowier areas test this car on the snow.

These three packages add to the cost of the car which as of this date, has still not been publicly announced. However, if you want a bare-bones hot hatch, I suggest not getting these packages. Especially the last two which only add comfort and weight. Personally, I am accustomed to using a Bluetooth speaker in my car that I could probably deal without the Tech Package and maybe even the Weather Package.

What do you think? If you are going to order the 2023 GR Corolla Core Model, would you get any of these packages? Let us know in the comments below.

Harutiun Hareyan is reporting Toyota news at Torque News. His automotive interests and vast experience test-riding new cars give his stories a sense of authenticity and unique insights. Follow Harutiun on Twitter at @HareyanHarutiun for daily Toyota news.


Gary R (not verified)    April 11, 2022 - 1:49PM

I can’t wait for this car. I live in WA, and will order a car with all three packages. I am probably an outlier in the demographics for this car, I’m 60 and have bought only 1 automatic car in my life, a Camry for my ex wife. All 3 cars currently owned have 3 pedals, my current wife won’t drive an automatic either. Hopefully these car won’t have ridiculous mark ups by greedy dealers and actual enthusiasts can buy the cars. If that happens there’s always the Elantra N, my second choice to replace the current Elantra Sport. The GR Corolla and the Elantra N are almost certainly among the last of the 3 pedal attainable enthusiast cars. We as enthusiasts need to pony up and buy these cars, and if you don’t, stop lamenting the lack of 3 pedal options.

Harutiun Hareyan    April 12, 2022 - 12:02PM

In reply to by Gary R (not verified)

Hi Gary,
I agree. while I am really bad at driving manual, I think that soon, a lot of these smaller cars are going to go 3-pedal. Cars like the Golf, Elantra, Corolla and many other small cars might go 3-pedal as well. I wouldn't mind the resurrection of the manual. I think it's cool.

Jill (not verified)    July 10, 2022 - 9:07AM

In reply to by Harutiun Hareyan

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Larry Baker (not verified)    May 7, 2023 - 3:29PM

In reply to by Gary R (not verified)

I am a lucky GR Corolla owner. I contacted 10 or 15 Toyota dealerships. Two of them were asking $10,000.00 ABOVE MSRP. Even if they received a GR in their allocation, I told them I wouldn’t buy the car at that price. Another dealer called me to tell me it would be late 2023 or the first quarter of 2024 before a GR would be available. Two weeks later, that same dealer called to tell me they had a red GR arriving in 20 days; of course I said yes. ( red is my color) They were asking very little above MSRP, so I bought the car.
Since I wasn’t expecting to find a GR for many months , I feel lucky.
However , I’m not very happy with Toyota Motor Corporation and their Supply and Demand situation that they created.